Booking by phone will cost you more and take longer. 

It isn't a shortcut - it can take up to 48 hours for me to get back to you if I am busy or away. 

I have a mild learning disability -  Aspergers. I HATE telephones because I don't come over well and it really cannot be helped. 

Why not just try to book through the blue and white pop-up box? See the bottom right corner of your screen. It really is easier than it looks. 

Still determined to book manually. Send the TEXT "manual booking please" to 07855495451 I would appreciate if you could do so before 7pm at night however note that the online schedule offers my diary and is accessible 24/7. Questions may not be asked over the phone - see my contact page. 

I will then send a text back so we can arrange when it is convenient for both of us to take ten minutes out to process the booking. It's not as simple as writing it down in a paper diary, I have to input all the same information as everyone else for my system to work out the schedule properly. 

Thanks for understanding, Charlie