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Find A Genuine Psychic For Your Tarot Reading

Your personal guide to spotting the red flags

Face photographs are absolutely essential: A reputable psychic has nothing to hide. 

Ideally what you want to see is the face of your ACTUAL reader, possibly on more than one image but at least featured on one. Some unscrupulous people (whose services don’t require you to actually ever see them) might use someone else’s face - while others might use a generic random image copied from the internet.

If the ad does NOT show the persons face you might want to consider why is that?

  • Could it be that they are they advertising several times, pretending to be different people?
  • Could it be that they previously showed their face but had a bad reputation linked to it?
  • Could this be a charlatan who might attempt to run several separate ads undetected, (on various email or mobile accounts) offering digitally delivered goods so that you might never pick up that they are the same person because you never actually SEE them – for this reason you should always be particularly wary of email readings. Some may be pre-written based on predictable questions.
  • Could one reason for not wanting to show their face be because this person is earning money from readings whilst claiming unemployment benefits – cheating the system – or be illegally in the country - how spiritual would that be?
  • When handing money over the internet, you really should be sure of where it is going to but also think of the trust you are placing in this person, a photo (that might also be connected to a real social profile) goes a long way to show the reader is who they say they are.

If a photo is visible don't assume it's genuine - check it is the right person.

Do a little “cat fish” style investigating: right click the image then select “search Google for this image” this will tell you where else this image has been used and should give you some more clues towards the authenticity of your chosen reader. 

I've seen a few ads on Gumtree where witch doctors and fake psychics use the photos of famous gurus or even dead people... 

Ideally stick to psychics who a) have reviews on portals where their photos are present and b) the reviews linked to the author so they can be absolutely verified. 

Does your psychic have a GENUINE reputation? Don’t take the psychics word for it they are accurate! 

Take a close look at the reviews and testimonials. I've been on a few website and seen some extraordinary reviews BUT anyone could have written them - even dare I say it, the psychic themselves. Just a review isn't good enough ideally you want to see -

a) A photo of the psychic featured on or linked to that source - so that others who have reviewed are also acknowledging that this is the same person.

b) Reviews that are LINKED to the clients directly: Such as on Google maps or Facebook - which when scrutinised a little more closely, will authenticate the actual reviewers themselves.

Ability – anyone can state natural ability. In fact most of us are born with some kind of gift but it is how we develop it that matters. How do you know this person will operate in a safe and spiritual way? I had always had "natural" ability yet when I joined The Greater World Church (Leeds branch) I soon learned I had to be "stripped back" of things like ego and self and taught responsible and ethical delivery.

Titles - Don’t be blinded by titles such as Sheik, Professor or Doctor – take this with a pinch of salt. All of these can be purchased on line - they should not be seen as anything to persuade you in your choice of reader.

Payments - Online payments- if you click on a button to make payment, once the portal opens, look for secure payment systems such as Paypal or another similar app where you are protected. My buttons allow you to use either Paypal or a card but securely via Paypal even if you don't have a Paypal account. 

Payments via telephone  - Be very careful giving your card details out over the phone. Ensure you have followed my other guidelines regarding identifying who your psychic really is. 

Email readings can be especially tricky ANYONE can post an advert saying they are psychic then hide behind an email address sending out randomly generated answers to pre-set questions its one of the biggest scams going. Personally I don't offer email readings at all, I prefer to engage with my clients however if you are going to go for this be prepared -  

NEVER pay for an email reading unless you have spoken to someone first 

and can identify they are who they say they are before handing over any money

A word about psychic lines – If you call an organisation who advertises for psychics, you really are taking pot luck. Simply check out the way such lines recruit! Adverts might include wording such as “no experience required” and “easy money” – these are going to appeal to ANYONE for all the wrong reasons. Such lines might also state “full training given”, just consider how much training would we be talking here? Especially given they also advertise an “immediate start”. An authentic psychic will have developed over MANY years, not just via a quick induction given by a recruiting company in order to earn a quick buck. You MIGHT get a genuine psychic or you MIGHT get an actor… Again it’s all about being safe, not being ripped off, psychics who show their face and publicly linked reviews.

Here at chat2charlie, I offer you peace of mind. You can see all of my face photos, My payments are taken securely. I have Facebook reviews (linked to my actual clients) and also a history of many years of development at the Greater World, Leeds branch - ensuring you are in safe hands. 

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