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Hello I'm Charlie 

A Buckinghamshire based psychic clairvoyant medium

Clairvoyance means "Clear Seeing" it is a natural gift that can be enhanced by developing in a circle, as I did for many years.. For many years I also served The Greater World (Leeds branch) where I trained to become a psychic medium and eventually the chairperson. As well as being clairvoyant, I also bring many other skills including informal life guidance via tarot cards. 

It is very important that any psychic you hand money over to has a proven track record that can be checked. You will find over 50 reviews LINKED to my actual clients on Facebook, Google Maps, Yell and many, many others. 

I'm based on West Wycombe road, handy for the M40 Handy Cross roundabout! I also have invested a great deal of time checking out the distance from various towns and counties so you can see here how far I am from you

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Buckinghamshire based clairvoyant Charlie