*** WARNING! Do not scan this page for the number then ring without respecting the points below ***

Booking by phone costs more and takes longer. 

Just think this to yourself, am I wanting to pick up the phone and ask something (rather than read it), check availability or make a booking because it seems the easiest option? 

Well I am afraid its not - but for very good reasons...

I have the learning disability -  Aspergers. I HATE telephones (calls or text conversations) because I come over as abrupt and intolerant. In fact this is extreme anxiety but comes over as anger, passive or aggressive so a client who is already fragile would be affected very deeply or I am accused of not being spiritual which is heart-breaking and far from the truth. So phones are something I have learned to avoid at all costs. (This is one reason I don't offer telephone readings!) 

I really am busy! My phone frequently goes direct to my voicemail.

I read full time 10am-10pm sometimes seven days a week that's a LOT of hours, I am very passionate about serving but the last thing I want to do is handle admin or stress when I do try to relax. I would have to increase my rates massively if I had to hire a secretary. 

When you arrange via phone, I still have to book you in and take the payment using the same software that my other clients use or my system doesn't work - meaning I am then taking up both your time and my own. It is not as simple as just writing you down in a paper diary. The digital process calculates time slots, preparation time and bookings making it a process that I can manage. 

I understand you may not like technology or have your own limitations - I have empathy with that naturally! However I have had to implement a working strategy that ensures I am able to do what I do best. There are many other psychics you can find if you don't wish to respect my position or disability. 


Why not try to book via the pop-up on my diary / bookings page?

You save a whopping 50% weekdays / 25% weekends and bank holidays. For your convenience - you can view my availability and book within seconds at any time of day or night.

Still determined to book manually? 

I would appreciate contact between 10am and 7pm. I sometimes work until 10pm but I prefer not to be handling admin after 7pm. In the first instance my best advice is for you to send one text then await a response. Once I have chance, I will reply (probably by text initially) to arrange a convenient time for both of us to take ten minutes out to process the booking.

If you insist on speaking to me over the phone, please do not take offence if I seem snappy this really is a diagnosed disability - I am fine in person and actually it makes my sessions very focused! If you can't or won't text please be prepared for me to try to push you towards the online booking system or take your number and call you back.

When we talk, I would seriously appreciate if you don't spring a question on me, especially as my site covers everything - fees, location and most other things because this will trigger my Aspergers tendencies. Text "manual booking please" to 07855495451 to get the best response. 

EVERYTHING you need is on this site but if you don't agree by all means email your question, just remember - reading is probably going to be quicker than waiting for a response! The number one question that people ask is "when are you next available, I need to make a booking" and the irony is, if they took one glance at the site they would save so much time by using the diary / booking page. Many Blessings Charlie