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Within most companies, there exists employees who either deserve entertaining gift as a reward, or who would benefit from some guidance in order to become 

their best version of self.  Either investment has the potential to unlock hidden talent as well as motivate productivity, creativity and stability. 

For more than two decades Charlie Daniels has been a media specialist, inspirational speaker and transformational guide - 

Sharing her vast array of skills and experiences, she weaves words of wisdom into spell-binding stories in order to inspire others

Speaker and Workshop Host 

Few other women with Charlie's back-story have survived to tell the tale. Let alone crafted it into positive intervention...

Charlie has a wide and varied repertoire. A true social chameleon, she has engaged with the worlds media, packed conferences, social campaigns and after-dinner speaking events. 

As an articulate, specialist guest, Charlie Daniels has featured on many chat shows, documentaries, articles and political debates. 

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Content and fees tailor-made for each situation and budget

One-On-One Sessions

The average employee takes 10-20 days off annually with personal problems. 

Numbers adversely affected whilst AT work is unknown. 

Charlie is a passionate advocate for those facing challenges or trapped within toxic, static or erratic life styles  

"She's been there, done that, got the t-shirt and come through with flying colours!"

- Trisha Goddard, 2006

Charlie was featured on "Trisha"  as an expert guest

Several of Charlie’s private clients, have personally seen the value she brings to the table and have engaged her to combine both skills in order to support people who worked with or for them. 

Results have included feelings of improved self-confidence and esteem, an increased empowerment through down to earth coping strategies and a general sense of increased well-being. The evidence of this can also be found within her many (client-linked) reviews.

An Informal Chat

Charlie is able to offer a relaxed friendly alternative to counselling, an informal, supportive chat. So when your employee needs some support or guidance in order to become the best version of themselves, Charlie has an excellent track record in transformation and is a very empathetic, entertaining guide. 

Charlie is an internationally acclaimed psychic

You have the option of booking one on one guidance sessions for your valued employees - delivered within the framework of a psychic reading... 

On a private basis, for almost thirty years Charlie has combined her knowledge and experience within an entertaining psychic card clairvoyant reading and has helped hundreds of people - with some sensational results. 

The Daily Politics Show - Charlie far right

Appearing on This Morning - Charlie far right

"Very well done Charlie, I like the fact that you recognise the vulnerability of children in care... I was shocked to find out that 1/3 of looked after children become homeless when they move from the care system...I wish you the greatest of success. Best of British to you!" 

- Kriss Akabusi MBE, Olympic Gold Medalist

"Charlie is an exceptional woman who continuously strives to find ways to improve the life of others. Charlie sets a first class example to all those who have worked through great difficulty to overcome obstacles in life that, thankfully, most of us are lucky enough never to have experienced. As a speaker, presenter and motivator - Charlie excels"

  - Rick Armstrong, M.D. Mentor UK

"Anyone working with people of both sexes should read her book, talk to her and employ her to drive forward the message that there is always another path to take and life may throw terrible problems at you but it's how you handle them. I would recommend Charlie as a speaker" 

Jackie Brook, Care Industry News

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