Refund Policy

If you change your mind completely, please cancel as soon as you can - someone else may need your slot urgently!

  • "I can't make my appointment!"

    You can reschedule any service with notice. For the system to work for you, myself and other clients, conditions and deadlines must be in place. 

    * Online bookings can only be rescheduled ONLINE. Open the system email you were sent for your booking, click reschedule. Your booking was discounted on the basis we don't tie time up with emails, calls or texts - this is just as important if you need to make changes. As long as you follow the time deadlines below, there shouldn't be any need for contact

    * Single booking and Skype special reschedule deadline: 3 hours before

    * Double booking reschedule deadline: 4 hours before 

    * Group booking reschedules should be made 24 hours in advance, as this causes considerable inconvenience.

    * Tea parties - 2 person parties can be rescheduled 24 hours before however groups or 3 or more should give 48 hours warning. 


    The deposit is a small amount that covers mainly running and administration costs. If you have paid a deposit this will be forfeit. If you have paid in full, you still only lose the value of the deposit.

    A slot cancelled or rescheduled outside of deadlines, usually cannot be resold. For my service to continue for all, I would ask you to please accept these terms in a spiritually responsible manner.

  • When something goes wrong...

    In British law, readings are deemed for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES
    - this is in place to protect BOTH parties.

    1. If for any reason Charlie is unable to deliver your session, you will receive a full refund via the method of payment that was received. 
    2. Don't attend expecting a free session, if you don't like what you hear during a psychic reading; Charlie is a service based provider, not a computer - there are many variables that can affect your reading and its interpretation. If readings were an exact science, Charlie would be a billionaire by now!
    3. If you are unhappy with your session - you should say so BEFORE you leave the session in order to rectify any issues appropriately and amicably at the time.
    4. It is not acceptable to demand a refund after you have left a psychic reading, on the basis of accuracy - you are charged for time not content.
    5. It is not spiritual or responsible to suggest that by being charged, you have been taken advantage of. You enter into a contract to pay for a service based on TIME.
    6. It is not advised to book a reading if you feel you are attending in desperation, in poor finances or delicate mental health. If you choose to do so, you cannot later blame the psychic for any subsequent issues that arise.
    7. If at any point you are deemed as being vulnerable, or that you place a risk to yourself or others, Charlie may exercise the right to enforce a Duty Of Care Procedure. 
    8. Finally you should accept responsibility for your own actions, judgement, free will and common sense at all times. In law - you cannot blame the psychic!