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Sadly, psychics are unregulated. Some fakers take it too far, as they write their own fictional reviews. That's why I reassure prospective clients that my reviews are verified, on outside sites. They are also linked to clients, so they know my reviews can be trusted! Taking just a few minutes to leave your review could save someone heartache.


  • If you prefer to leave a review somewhere anonymously, try Free Index If it’s your first time using Free Index, you do need to visit your inbox immediately after posting your review to activate it. Otherwise, it won’t appear! 
  • Facebook (as long as you don't mind your friends might see it!). You can leave a few words, or simply place a star rating
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Please try and leave your review right now, before you forget all the good stuff!

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Your review can be as long or as short as you wish. View a selection of tips below: 

  • Was your reading accurate and detailed? If you can, state some detail that jumped out for you. 
  • How would you describe me as a reader or my reading style?
  • How did you feel after the reading?
  • Were there any sweet surprises? 

Thank you for your time. Your review means the world to me and ultimately to those whom it may attract in search of guidance. 

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