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Often available with just 15 minutes notice, 9am until midnight. Weekends & holidays may vary.

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Fancy your psychic tarot card reading by telephone? 

chat 2 Charlie is a full time clairvoyant, often available at short notice

Charlie's psychic telephone readings are delivered in a spiritual way with the emphasis on positive transformation. She is not a fortune teller but a soul who's own life journey included incredible challenges which later inspired her Sunday Times best selling book. Her remit is to share with you her insights, spiritual gifts and tools to assist you to walk into the light. More about Charlie

Chat 2 Charlie is not a company, she is a totally independent clairvoyant, ready to share insights on life's puzzles and challenges sometimes within the hour - over the phone or via Skype. 

Charlie can use the tarot cards over the phone to cover the past, present and the future as well as subjects such as romance, health, finances, career, family relationships, or your personally chosen specific questions. Maybe your love life is complicated and you need a little guidance? Relationship advice is one of Charlie's specialities. Psychic phone readings are a spiritual process of self-healing and understanding. In order to get the most from a psychic phone reading, be open to listening to the guidance you are receiving from Charlie over the phone. Sometimes this means reflecting on the deeper spiritual meaning after the phone call and some readings only make sense retrospectively looking back, in other words after events have already occurred. Book your clairvoyant reading today using the online diary and save money, then sit back and enjoy the entertaining, engaging, company of a really special telephone clairvoyant.

Charlie has hundreds of client-linked verified reviews that will share how accurate she is.

Book in complete confidence knowing that Chat 2 Charlie is ranked in the top UK 2% of independent UK psychic readers according to Free Index and has reviews on Facebook, Yell, Google maps and lots of other sites. See some of her reviews here. If you follow her page on Facebook you will see she also makes regular donations to a variety of charities so that the fees from her services

Many phone psychics give general readings that could apply to almost anyone - 
Charlie will give you specific detail, so you feel confidence in her integrity. If you are a sceptic - read her reviews and you will see she rarely asks you anything and won’t let you give anything away, she is also often complimented for not "sugar-coating" and being very direct. So if you know you need a spiritual ass-kicking - then she will set you on the right path!

one of the UK's leading telephone psychic readers

Charlie Daniels is one of the highest ranked psychic tarot card readers in the UK. Any psychic can show reviews on their website, but how many of those can you trust? Chat 2 Charlie has VERIFIED reviews linking to actual clients on Facebook and many other websites. 

Chat 2 Charlie is available 10am-10pm most days including weekends and some bank holidays. 

You can check out her diary, make contact or book online 24/7.

Whilst Charlie is a psychic medium, she does not offer mediumship (direct contact with your loved ones in the spirit world), by telephone 

- this will need to be done using a webcam on Skype or visiting Chat 2 Charlie in person, Buckinghamshire.