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Often available with just 15 minutes notice, 9am until midnight. Weekends & holidays may vary.

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Psychic Medium & clairvoyant tarot card readings


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Hello, I'm Charlie, an award winning, Sunday Times best-selling author and psychic life guide

My biggest passion in life is to put a smile on someone's face! I LOVE what I do and serve full time, often 10am-10pm including weekends and many bank holidays. Google me to check out my footprint! 

My readings are a combination of - Cards - SIMILAR to tarot but used in a spiritual way, that follow the light. My natural abilities include:- Clairvoyance - this means clear seeing. I am a natural clairvoyant and often see things others do not. Likewise, I am naturally clairscentience (sensing), clairaudience (hearing) and claircogniscance (somehow just knowing). Sometimes I have been known to work with music too, with certain songs and their meanings revealing themselves as part of a bigger picture.


It's sometimes possible see me within just 15 minutes! However, because of the way I operate, one minute a lot of availability might show, and the next its all gone!
Hours? 9am-11pm but if you are limited to a specific time or date, try and book asap ESPECIALLY if you want an evening, weekend or bank holiday.
You can ask to book outside of my usual hours by prior arrangement, for example if you are in another time zone - but double rates will apply and you will need to contact me several hours before.

Psychic clairvoyant tarot card readings delivered by ZOOM, SKYPE WHAT'S APP OR PHONE 

I have had the pleasure of reading for many celebrity clients including 

Stevie Ritchie (Big Brother and X-Factor

psychic readings Buckinghamshire (near London)

Chat 2 Charlie - with hundreds of verified 5 star reviews

Charlie is available by appointment in a variety of UK locations by arrangement including:

Heatherlands, Heathfield Avenue, Sunningdale Ascot, SL5 0AN, (Berkshire)

“WOW! I was blown away with my reading today. I had a reading with Charlie and I can honestly say my jaw dropped! Charlie left me absolutely speechless! I couldn't believe everything she was saying were events that I was dealing with at that time.” “I had a reading with Charlie this morning and she was spot on! I'm currently pregnant and she picked it up immediately what was really freaky is there was a card with a lady who was pregnant. She truly is the real thing.” “Charlie is absolutely amazing” “She's nothing short of absolutely incredible.She was completely accurate with everything she said, and it's been a huge help to me and the issues I'm currently having. If you're looking for someone to do a reading for you, please don't waste your time or money with someone else. Charlie is completely genuine and has an amazing gift. I will definitely come back to her when I'm looking for another reading”psychic, psychic card readings, tarot, psychic medium. psychic readings, clairvoyant, skype psychic, psychic tarot reading, psychic tarot card readings, clairvoyant, tarot card clairvoyant, mediumship, love reading, relationship reading, Skype reading, webcam reading, webcam psychic reading, Skype psychic reading, Skype tarot, Skype tarot reading, same day psychic, same day, psychic readings, same day short notice psychic, accurate psychic medium, psychic love reading, tarot card relationship reading, same day Skype psychic readings, skype psychic, skype tarot card reading, psychic relationship, reading, accurate psychic, top psychic, best psychic, psychic readings Berkshire, Berkshire psychic readings, psychic readings High Wycombe, psychic readings. Slough psychic readings, psychic readings Slough, tarot readings Berkshire, High Wycombe tarot readings, tarot readings High Wycombe, tarot readings Oxfordshire, Oxfordshire tarot readings Slough, tarot readings, tarot readings Slough, Aylesbury tarot readings, tarot readings psychic, High Wycombe, Great Missenden, same day tarot card psychic reading, same day psychic, clairvoyant tarot card readings. Psychic medium tarot card readings, chat 2 charlie psychic medium tarot card clairvoyant readings, writing coach, past life regression, vintage psychic tea party, vintage tea parties, meditation Buckinghamshire, accurate psychic, amazing clairvoyant, highest ranking UK psychic medium, Psychic relationship readings, Love and relationships form an important part of life. Explore a current relationship, if you are single do you want to know when or how you will meet someone? Want to know if you just met your soul mate? Find out if you are compatible with someone and what the future of this relationship holds. Tarot card clairvoyant psychic readings. 

When booking a reading you are agreeing to the following: You are over the age of 18 years and that you accept the disclaimer set down here. Reschedule / refund policy can also be found on this page.