About Charlie - 

So much more than just a psychic...

"As a third generation, natural born psychic, I've been aware of enhanced senses since being a little girl..."

"I started reading tarot cards at 17. Many years later, But then my life fell seriously off track. Then one day I joined the 'Greater World', where I developed as a responsible and ethical medium - eventually becoming chairperson. 

"Due to an extraordinary and challenging background, (which I now use as a platform for positive change), I’m well-equipped to deal with emotional and sensitive issues - I try not to judge anyone..."

Words of Wisdom

For more than two decades, Charlie has worked as a media specialist, inspirational speaker, and transformational guide. Sharing a vast array of skills and experiences, she creates spellbinding stories to inspire others and evoke a reaction.

Speaker and Workshop Host

Few other women with Charlie's back-story have survived to tell the tale, let alone crafted it into positive intervention. She has a wide and varied repertoire and has been described as a social chameleon. Charlie has engaged with the worlds media, packed conferences, social campaigns, and after-dinner speaking events. 

As an articulate, specialist guest, she has been featured on many chat shows, documentaries, articles and political debates. 

"She's been there, done that, got the t-shirt and come through with flying colours!" - Trisha Goddard, 2006

Back in 2006 Charlie was featured on "Trisha" as an expert guest. Her role was to mentor a young woman with a toxic, chaotic and erratic lifestyle. Charlie not only inspired the transformation of the person in question, she also won the hearts of both audience and chat show host, Trisha Goddard. 

Results from Charlie's sessions include - feelings of improved self-confidence and esteem, an increased empowerment through down-to-earth coping strategies, and a general sense of increased well-being. The evidence of this can also be found within her hundreds of internet based reviews, on Facebook, Yell, Google Maps to name but a few.

In the News

In 2006, Charlie launched her critically acclaimed life transformation story and was celebrated on the Sunday Times best seller list

Appearing with Fern and Phil on ITV's This Morning

"An intelligent articulate woman. An incredible life - 

an extraordinary story.” 

- Lorraine Kelly, 2006

Charlie appears regularly on many current affairs programmes on the subject of social policy and the vulnerable. 

Daily Politics Show with Andrew Neil and MP Mary Honeyball

"Charlie's is the kind of positive story that the government would like to replicate across the country" 

- The Independent Newspaper, 2006

"Story is that of the enterprising entrepreneur... She's no angel, but she's honest and funny... A success story"

- Daily Express Newspaper 2006

"A story of triumph over adversity" 

- The Daily Mail 2006

"Charlie was no angel...An amazing true story of success and redemption"

- Manchester Evening News, 2007

"She wears the emotional scars like badges of honour in her harrowing, yet often uplifting autobiography"

- Yorkshire Evening Post, June 2006 

"Lord Sugar might meet his match if Charlie ever entered The Apprentice... a fierce fighter and on love, well, she’s a bit of an expert"

- The Belfast Telegraph, November 2011

Appearing on Loose Women 

Kaye Adams, Kym Marsh, Charlie, Carol McGiffin, Jane McDonald

Charlie is based in High Wycombe - on the Buckinghamshire / Berkshire border. 

Sessions can also be delivered internationally, including via Skype

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