In the News

In 2006, Charlie launched her critically acclaimed life transformation story and was celebrated on the Sunday Times best seller list

"An intelligent articulate woman. An incredible life - an extraordinary story.” 

- Lorraine Kelly, 2006

"Nice lady - very articulate. We are all fascinated" 

- Kay Adams, Loose Women 2006 (Charlie centre)

"She's been there, done that, got the t-shirt and come through with flying colours!" 

- Trisha Goddard, 2006

"Charlie's is the kind of positive story that the government would like to replicate across the country" 

- The Independent Newspaper, 2006

 "Story is that of the enterprising entrepreneur... She's no angel, but she's honest and funny... A success story"

- Daily Express Newspaper 2006

"A story of triumph over adversity" 

- The Daily Mail 2006

"Charlie is no angel...An amazing true story of success and redemption"

- Manchester Evening News, 2007

"She wears the emotional scars like badges of honour in her harrowing, yet often uplifting autobiography"

- Yorkshire Evening Post, June 2006 

"Lord Sugar might meet his match if Charlie ever entered The Apprentice..."

"...Charlie is a fierce fighter and on love, well, she’s a bit of an expert"

- The Belfast Telegraph, November 2011