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Chat 2 Charlie (Psychic clairvoyant medium tarot)


Tarot Card Psychic Readings & Other ServicesNear High Wycombe Or Via Skype

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Chat 2 Charlie - life guide & international psychic medium

* Access 24 hours / 7 days 

* Accurate availability - updated constantly

* Check a chosen date without commitment

* In-person bookings require a deposit when booking

* Skype services require payment at time of booking

* Email contact is also via the app

No enquiries or questions are taken by telephone - everything you need is right here, if you can't find what you were looking for then make contact via the app

Opening hours 10am-10pm, 7 days. 07855 495451. No what's-app messages or texts please. 

Cold sales calls will be prosecuted - listed with the Corporate Telephone Preference Service

Charlie delivers -
  • A same day service where possible in person or via skype
  • In person psychic medium readings by appointment - Buckinghamshire
  • UK Tours - including Sheffield, Leeds, Bristol, London & Scotland 
  • Your psychic reading delivered in an entertaining yet responsible style
  • Past life regression (in person only) Buckinghamshire - see Google map below for directions 
  • Personal or spiritual development or an informal (non psychic) chat as alternative to counselling...
World wide coverage via the internet using Skype (free & easy to use platform) & a webcam

- With honesty, integrity & empathy

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Charlie is based in Buckinghamshire and has regular tours of Leeds and Sheffield, Yorkshire 

Paul Harness is a freelance photographer and videographer offering commercial, fashion and music photography
He is also an excellent wedding photographer  

Psychic clairvoyant medium Charlie, is based in Holmer Green, Buckinghamshire. Close to High Wycombe and Amersham, An hour away from London. Also available for same day psychic readings via skype. Many cracking reviews on FacebookGoogle or Scoot