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*** NEW *** Transformational healing via meditation and mindfulness - coming 2018!

  • Someone To Talk To

    You don't have to book a psychic reading to talk to me. We can chat in confidence about relationships. anxiety, spiritual growth or personal development - without clinical formality. 

    • This is the only one of my services that can be delivered by telephone.  
    • Also delivered via Skype.  
    • By appointment in person - where tea and empathy comes thrown in!
  • The credentials...

    Not only have I turned my own life around, I'm qualified in hypnotherapy, psychology, sociology, law in society and various forms of homoeopathic healing. I have also had training to work with the vulnerable. Because of the experiences I have had personally, I don't judge.

    Whilst I am qualified in various fields, I have no formal counselling or psychotherapy training. You are simply engaging with an impartial individual that provides support and idea-generation services.

    I once spoke at a women's prison and was asked - "when did you realise you had turned your life around?"
    I paused for a moment in reflection, then admitted
    - its always a work in progress...

    Development is a daily journey, and I aim to put you on the right track.

    In 2006 I had the privilege to be invited onto the Trisha TV show as an expert guest on Life Transformation. My role was to mentor a young woman, on and back stage, who was living a toxic lifestyle. An experience I will never forget.

    "She's been there, done that, got the t-shirt and come through with flying colours!"

    - Trisha Goddard, 2006

  • Past Life Regression

    Past Life and Regression

    As a fully qualified hypnotherapist, I offer you past life regression in a safe environment. Sessions last about an hour, with little extra time for an introduction, tea, and a chat. 

    Typically, past life regression is undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or to help make sense of this lifetime. This therapy assists in unlocking memories of past lives or incarnations. If your desired result is for the purposes of healing or personal development, I can work with the emphasis on understanding any repeating patterns that might be hampering progress in this lifetime.


    Q: How is it delivered?

    A: Delivered face-to-face via hypnosis - with past life regression you are placed into a light trance yet stay awake and aware throughout. Hypnotherapy is respected by conventional medicine and it has the largest body of supporting scientific evidence. What I deliver bears no relation to state hypnotism, where people have little control and are made fools of. I am fully trained, qualified, and I work in a safe and responsible manner.

    Q: Who is hypnotherapy not suitable for?
    A: Sufferers of a diagnosed mental illness. - I'm afraid I'm not able to hypnotise blind and deaf people. Chat 2 Charlie cannot offer past life regression under these circumstances.

    Q: What if something disturbing or embarrassing comes up? What if I become emotional during your past life regression therapy?

    A: You are in safe hands. My background and training is in transformational energy. NOTHING shocks me and I do not judge. As a bonus, I'm an award-winning, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and campaigner for the vulnerable. I am dedicated to helping you reclaim your own life. I am also available for psychic readings.

  • Coaching Sessions

    I offer a variety of coaching sessions for both individuals, groups and the corporate sector. 

    These include transformational coaching (with mindfulness & meditation), as well as creative writing and the ever popular "Write Yourself Right" cathartic healing sessions. Please read on for more.

  • Mental magic

    Imagine your world with less anxiety, depression & pain. So here is the part where you might glaze over, zone out or let out a loud OH! Ironically that's exactly what I want to teach you to do - but this to your


    I turned around my toxic life dramatically and part of my more recent journey, the part making the most difference mentally and physically, is mediation.

    Is 2018 the time to address your personal growth and or spiritual development? Or will you carry the weight of over-thinking on your shoulders forever...

    Meditation combined with transformational coaching, CAN change your life! Forget the idea it's all about being still and emptying your mind, that's not really what it's all about. I want to show you how to bring PEACE, joy and inspiration back into your life as well as unlock creativity and potential. Showing you how to meditate is only a small part of the session, I also assist you to become more successful and effective in your daily life.

    I offer one on one session at £50 per hour, which also
    includes tea, a chat and any relevant coaching. If you want to bring friends and split the cost I charge £75 for two people, £100 for three people and £10
    for each person thereafter. Corporate and larger class events are also possible. Sessions can also be delivered via Skype. If you want to come but can’t
    afford to pay for a one on one and don't know anyone who can come with you to reduce costs, contact me anyway I may have others in a similar situation.

    As a bonus I'm also an international psychic as well as a Sunday Times bestselling author and speaker. My remit is to give YOU the tools to positively affect your own destiny.

    Please use my app to book.


    Whilst I am a fully qualified meditation teacher (and a well-respected coach with hundreds of reviews, some of which you can see on this website). I am not a doctor and sessions do not involve any medical procedures. My services in no way seek to replace any advice given by medical professionals. If you have any mental health issues please consult your
    GP before attending. You will also need to sign a legal disclaimer.

  • Meditation / Mindfulness

    See "Mental Magic" above

  • Creative Writing

    As a Sunday Times best-selling author and Koestler Award-Winning writer, I can assist on your writing journey. 

    My sessions don’t need to have a set structure - if you simply wish to ask me questions, I can provide specific advice and or we can look at writing techniques.

    I've attended dozens of writing courses, workshops (and holidays) with some well-known authors. I've read some of the best books to evolve my own craft, and took my own manuscript through to the process of publication and even created my own media publicity. 

  • Write Your Life RIGHT!

    Having a story is one thing, writing it is a craft. It can also be healing and cathartic given the right company, we can "Write Your Life Right" if you wish!

    Before you think, can I do this? Let me just say, I have the learning disability Aspergers and very poor focus due to epilepsy - if I can do it ANYONE can!

    Most writing coaches charge a fortune but to be fair they probably offer well constructed scheduled courses. I offer a bespoke session for my usual flat rate see my comprehensive fees menu

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