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Serving Internationally via Skype. 

10am-10pm, 7 most days

Based in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Direct / quick train links from London, Marylebone and Aylesbury

Just 20 minutes from M40 / High Wycombe and most areas of Berkshire & Oxfordshire

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  • Life Guide & Love Coach!

    For when you need someone to point you in the right direction. Life guidance can come in many forms. Love coaching does what it says on the tin!

    Charlie offers something completely different to a life coach. According to client reviews, she delivers an engaging, all encompassing, holistic alternative, with many creative strings to her bow, which can be used creatively for your personal development. Her work has been applauded by prisons as well as the corporate sector. 

    Charlie's journey is a bench mark for what any one, despite restrictions - can achieve. See her credentials below. 

  • Mental magic...

    Imagine your world with less anxiety, depression & pain. .Will you carry the weight of over-thinking on your shoulders forever?

    Meditation and mindfulness, combined with transformational coaching, CAN change your life! Forget the idea it's all about being still and emptying your mind, that's not really what it's all about. I want to show you how to bring PEACE, joy and inspiration back into your life as well as unlock creativity and potential. Showing you how to meditate is only a small part of the session, I also assist you to become more successful and effective in your daily life.

    Charlie is a fully qualified meditation teacher and hypnotherapist. One on one session at £50 per hour, which also includes tea, a chat and any relevant coaching.  

    Corporate and larger class events are also possible. Sessions can also be delivered via Skype.


    .Charlie is not a doctor and sessions do not involve any medical procedures. Services in no way seek to replace any advice given by medical professionals. If you have any mental health issues please consult your
    GP before attending. You will also need to sign a legal disclaimer.

As well as Mindfulness and meditation

Past Life Regression

Who were you were in a past life? How does that affect you today? Read More

  • Creative Writing

    As a Sunday Times best-selling author and Koestler Award-Winning writer, Charlie can assist on your writing journey. 

    Sessions don’t need to have a set structure - if you simply wish to ask questions,  specific advice can be provided and or writing techniques.

    "I've attended dozens of writing courses, workshops (and holidays) with some well-known authors. I've read some of the best books to evolve my own craft, and took my own manuscript through to the process of publication and even created my own media publicity"

  • Write Your Life Right!

    Having a story is one thing, writing it is a craft. It can also be healing and cathartic given the right company, we can "Write Your Life Right" if you wish!

    Before you think, can I do this? Let me just say, I have the learning disability Aspergers and very poor focus due to epilepsy - if I can do it ANYONE can!

    Most writing coaches charge a fortune but to be fair they probably offer well constructed scheduled courses. I offer a bespoke session for my usual flat rate see my comprehensive fees menu

  • The credentials...

    Not only has Charlie turned her own life around in a dramatic way, she's also qualified in teaching meditation, hypnotherapy, psychology, sociology, law in society and various forms of homoeopathic healing. and has had training to work with the vulnerable. Her understanding and empathy means she is non-judgemental. 

    "Whilst I am qualified in various fields, I have no formal counselling or psychotherapy training. You are simply engaging with an impartial individual that provides support and idea-generation services.

    On one occasion whilst speaking at a womens prison, I was asked - "when did you realise you had turned your life around?"
    I paused for a moment in reflection, then admitted
    - its always a work in progress...

    Development is a daily journey, and I aim to put you on the right track. My remit is to give you the tools to positively impact on your own life"

"In 2006 I had the privilege to be invited onto the Trisha TV show as an expert guest on Life Transformation. My role was to mentor a young woman, on and back stage, who was living a toxic lifestyle. An experience I will never forget."

"She's been there, done that, got the t-shirt and come through with flying colours!" (Trisha)

Talking about social policy reform (Charlie Right)

  • FEES

    Check out the fees page


    Chat 2 Charlie is based on West Wycombe road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP12 3AS 

    My location is handy for several other counties - just off the M40 near the Handy Cross roundabout, Berkshire

    HOW FAR?
    Counties include: Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, Surrey, London.

    Buckinghamshire / Bucks (My base)
    Aylesbury - 25 minutes - 12 miles
    Amersham - 20 minutes - 9 miles
    Beaconsfield 11 minutes - 10 miles
    Chalfont St Peters - 30 minutes - 12 miles
    Gerrards Cross - 25 minutes -10 miles
    Marlow - 15 minutes - 6 miles
    Penn - 15 minutes - 6 miles
    Princes Risborough - 15 minutes - 7 miles
    Wendover - 25 minutes - 12 miles

    Berkshire / Berks: An average of 30 minutes
    Ascot - 35 minutes - 22 miles
    Cookham - 20 minutes - 8 miles
    Maidenhead - 20 minutes -13 miles
    Newbury - 1 hour - 45 miles
    Reading - 40 minutes - 28 miles
    Slough - 30 minutes - 16 miles
    Windsor - 30 minutes - 19 miles

    Bedfordshire / Beds - An average of 60 minutes
    Bedford - 44 miles
    Biggleswade - 63 miles
    Dunstable - 22 miles
    Houghton Regis - 28 miles
    Kempston - 47 miles
    Leighton Buzzard - 23 miles
    Luton - 40 miles
    Flitwick- 36 miles
    Sandy - 66 miles

    Hampshire / Hamps - about one hour
    Aldershot - 39 miles
    Basingstoke - 39 miles
    Farnborough - 35 miles
    Fleet - 38 miles

    Hertfordshire / Herts: 30-50 minutes
    Hemel Hempstead - 30 min -18 miles
    St Albans - 38 mins - 21 miles
    Stevenage - 50 mins - 43 miles
    Tring - 35 minutes - 17 miles
    Watford - 50 mins - 29 miles

    Middlesex / Middx: 30-60 minutes
    Finchley - 31 miles (one hour)
    Edgware- 35 miles (one hour)
    Harrow - 24 miles (45 minutes)
    Hayes - 20 miles (35 minutes)
    Ruislip - 20 miles (30 minutes)
    Twickenham - 29 miles (around an hour)
    Uxbridge - 17 miles (30 minutes)
    Northwood - 22 miles (35 minutes)

    Oxfordshire / Oxon: 15 - 60 minutes
    Abingdon - 28 miles (50 minutes)
    Bicester - 30 miles (40 minutes)
    Chinoor - 8 miles (15 minutes)
    Henley - 17 miles (30 minutes)
    Oxford centre - 27 miles (50 minutes)
    Thame - 14 miles (25 minutes)

    Surrey / Sry: An average of 40 minutes
    Egham - 25 miles (30 minutes)
    Woking - 33 miles (40 minutes)

    Most areas of West London - around an hour
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High Wycombe, Close to the Bucks / Berks border