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An intro to SKYPE

Enjoy a service from the comfort of your own armchair with Skype, a webcam platform that is free and easy to use.

- Now available as a double (2 hr) session, treat yourself or enjoy with a friend!


* An intro video about using Skype for your session
* A link to download Skype, this doesn't cost anything (bottom of page)

* Frequently asked questions
* It doesn't contain info relating to Chat 2 Charlie's services, for this please see the main menu

Psychic Readings - are they the same via Skype?

Yes. The quality of tarot card clairvoyant readings is not compromised by the use of this technology 

- as long as you have a decent signal and follow the setting up instructions I send when I confirm your session!

A good psychic medium does not need to be in the same room as you to deliver results. The only difference really is, that a reading in person is more personal, there is a little extra time for tea and a hug if you need one!

Note: Ensure you book a time when no children can enter the room, even for just a second, it's against spiritual law and will also affect your reading. 


No. Please don't ask, there are SO many reasons why...


Due to being full time, 10am-10pm most days (including weekends & bank holidays) I'm often available to deliver same day Skype tarot readings. 

You can check my availability instantly without commitment using the diary app.

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