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When you need light at the end of the tunnel or clarification of your own intuition; you will see I have  hundreds of VERIFIED reviews (linked to clients, not bullshit made-up ones like some so called psychic mediums have) that state I have given "peace of mind" "absolute clarity" "a definitive answer" "A clear path ahead" on many matters relating to how to navigate life's obstacles and move forward in a positive way. Evidence of my psychic abilities are mentioned on many of my 5 star reviews.


And I'm well placed to... I've had a quite an incredible journey so far, charted in my Sunday Times bestselling book, Priceless (Hodder). My background before making a u-turn is actually very colourful, something I believe that along with my autism, isn't a barrier but in fact good preparation for real life guidance. 



"Charlie is no angel...An amazing true story of success and redemption"


"Story is that of the enterprising entrepreneur... She's no angel, but she's honest and funny... A success story"

- Daily Express Newspaper 2006


I've also spent years as an expert guest on major chat shows, a campaigner for young people in care & sexual exploitation - plus I spent more than two decades as a media specialist on a variety of social policy subjects. 

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Clairvoyant (simply means clear seeing)


can be the focuss of your psychic reading questions.