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Transformational Psychic Readings

PLUS Past Life Regression, Mental Magic & Writing Coaching With Sunday Times, Best Selling Author

Personal Development, Coaching & Psychic Services

All services available internationally via Zoom, Skype or What's App. (Psychic Tarot readings also possible by telephone).

PLUS: Subject to availability; In-person sessions, Buckinghamshire - 10am-10pm most days

psychic tarot card readings by Skype and in person

Psychic Tarot Card REAdINGS

Psychic medium Charlie Daniels, is ranked in the top 10* of UK based clairvoyants with hundreds of verified 5 star reviews from all over the internet including Google, Yell and Facebook. Charlie's testimonials include those in the corporate sector and celebrities who have found her sessions inspiring and uplifting. Charlie uses a unique and entertaining style of tarot card reading, combined with coping strategies. 

By phone, online or in-person. 

(*UK top ten ranking according to Free Index). 

Vintage psychic tea parties! Buckinghamshire

Relationship Guidance

Informal relationship support

Someone neutral to talk to, support you and give you relationship guidance. Explore and discuss relationships and love, as a stand alone session or as part of a tarot card, psychic reading. Simply choose from a telephone, webcam or in-person session on he booking menu and put "relationship focus" in the notes.

For your business, career or artistic performance.. Chat 2 Charlie has a track record for working with those who wish to achieve outstanding results. 

A refreshingly different style of inspiration - brought to you by someone with an incredible backstory, Delivered within the framework of an entertaining, clairvoyant psychic reading. 

Psychic Performance Coaching, with award-winning, Sunday Times Best Selling Author, Charlie Daniels.

Mental Magic 

A one-on-one service which delivers a combination of hypnotherapy, guided meditation and philosophy, Ideal for sufferers of anxiety and depression or those who wish to gain a mental edge for success.

Stress and anxiety doesn't need to rule your life!

Past Life Regression

Who were you were in a past life? How does that affect you today? How can you learn from this experience and move forward?

Past life regression Buckinghamshire

Creative Writing

Sunday Times best-selling author and Koestler Award-Winning writer, Charlie can assist on your writing journey. Can include "Write Your Life Right" writing for healing. 

Online Writing coaching With Bestselling Author

Based in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Direct / quick train links from London, Marylebone and Aylesbury. Just 20 minutes from M40 / High Wycombe and most areas of Berkshire & Oxfordshire

My personally RECOMMENDED healer for Buckinghamshire

Need HEALING? Let me introduce you to my personal go-to healer, Carine Evans. She lives around the corner from me and is an outstanding professional and a beautiful soul. Offering both hands on massage as well as Reiki. She has converted a large room in her home and trust me, it's spotless she is on the ball with the current Coronavirus situation. Love this lady x Call 07973 867272 Support your local empath, so they can continue to support you!

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CHAT 2 CHARLIE - So much more than just a psychic...