Life Guide & Psychic 

In-person. By telephone. Via webcam

Personal Development

INTERNATIONALLY VIA SKYPE or in person Buckinghamshire 


Past life regression Buckinghamshire

Past Life Regression

Who were you were in a past life? How does that affect you today? How can you learn from this experience and move forward?

Psychic REAdINGS

Clairvoyant tarot card readings with psychic medium Charlie. Ranked in the top 2% of UK psychics

psychic tarot card readings
Stress and anxiety doesn't need to rule your life!

Mental Magic 

A one-on-one service which delivers a combination of hypnotherapy, guided meditation and philosophy, Ideal for sufferers of anxiety and depression or those who wish to gain a mental edge for success. 

Informal relationship support

An alternative to formal counselling: someone neutral to talk to support you and give you relationship advice. This is NOT a psychic service, however you can discuss relationships as part of a psychic reading. 

Creative Writing

Sunday Times best-selling author and Koestler Award-Winning writer, Charlie can assist on your writing journey. Can include "Write Your Life Right" writing for healing. 

Writing coaching
psychic readings, past life regression and meditation for the corporate sector

Corporate Solutions

Combine any service with a vintage tea party!

The Credentials

Not only has Charlie turned her own life around in a dramatic way, she's also qualified in teaching meditation, hypnotherapy, psychology, sociology, law in society and various forms of homeopathic healing. and has had training to work with the vulnerable. Her understanding and empathy means she is non-judgemental. 

"Whilst I am qualified in various fields, I have no formal counselling or psychotherapy training. You are simply engaging with an impartial individual that provides support and idea-generation services.

On one occasion whilst speaking at a womens prison, I was asked - "when did you realise you had turned your life around?"
I paused for a moment in reflection, then admitted
"- its always a work in progress..."

Development is a daily journey, and I aim to put you on the right track. My remit is to give you the tools to positively impact on your own life"

Based in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Direct / quick train links from London, Marylebone and Aylesbury

Just 20 minutes from M40 / High Wycombe and most areas of Berkshire & Oxfordshire

Chat 2 Charlie is passionate about positive change

Talking about social policy reform (Charlie Right)

CHAT 2 CHARLIE - So much more than just a psychic...