How Your Reading Works


FAQ's include: 

  • How do you actually do it?
  • Credentials 
  • Are you religious 
  • Do you communicate with the spirit world?
  • What is your availability and how much does it cost?
  • How do you actually do it?

    To the untrained eye, I’m sat with a deck of cards, simply saying things…

    In reality, I’m using my senses in an unusual way, whilst working with a beautiful, diverse deck of cards similar to tarot. These are only a visual tool, the story comes from my abilities to see (clairvoyance), sense (clairscentience), and to just know (claircognizance).


    At the start of your reading I will be doing all the talking, covering your past, present and future. 


    For the second part you can ask me the questions I didn't cover in the first half, on whatever subjects are important to you - such as relationships or finding love, career / business, family, spiritual and life guidance.


    My psychic reading style, revolves around compelling story-telling, in a spiritually responsible manner.


  • Credentials?

    For many years, I was Chairperson at the Greater World Leeds - where I not only developed as a psychic medium; but also trained in ethics and responsibility.


    I've also undertaken various courses including for trauma, and dealing with the vulnerable. 


    I'm both taxed and insured. 


    You tick terms and conditions when you book and will be given a verbal legal disclaimer before we begin. 


    I also have a refund policy, linked to the fees page. 

  • Are you religious? What are your beliefs?

    I'm spiritual - not religious and I do not believe in "god". However, I believe in the afterlife and believe I have spirit guides around me whilst doing my clairvoyant readings.

  • Do you communicate with the spirit world?

    if your central focus is communication from your loved ones in the spirit world (mediumship) then I may not the right person for you. I’m focussed more on helping you move forwards.


    The idea of exploiting someone’s grief to make a living doesn’t rest well with me. Besides, you can often get a mediumship reading for a donation at your local spiritualist church.


    However, you will see it mentioned on a few reviews. Don't get me wrong, if you ask me to try, and you are lucky enough for it to happen, then treat it as a bonus - not the main event. And don't be disappointed if you don't get what you hoped for (or put that onto me).

  • What is your availability?

    The quickest way to book or contact me, is via my diary page.


    I make myself available for long hours all week, to give you the most flexibility, and most of the time, my diary is set to require just 15 minutes notice!


    Take the following as a guide only, always check the diary: I am usually around 9am to midnight during the week. Weekends can vary but as a rule usually go something like this: Saturday 10am-6pm / Sunday 4pm-midnight. These hours don’t usually change during the holidays.


    When you click the diary, you may see lots of slots, as each hour is broken down to ensure the quickest or most convenient start time. When someone makes a booking, several slots disappear at once. I am the ONLY reader on this site.


    You can arrange to visit me in Great Missenden, just 40 minutes from London by train. 30 minutes from most parts of Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Oxfordshire. Subject to availability, at certain times of day, you may be able to book for the same day within 4 hours, however please book at least 24 hours in advance if you can.


    How much does it cost? Fees start from £60 for 45 minutes. When you go onto the booking app, you will see the price next to the service you choose. OR you can look at the fees page


    Note: When other psychics, including those who boast a waiting list, appear more popular, often it is because they are very part time.


    Serving YOU is my sole / soul purpose. 

Summary of intent: I strongly believe “spiritual is, as spiritual does”

  • I strive to offer the very best in terms of honesty and integrity; but do remember, when it comes to predictions, what may be my truth, may not be THEtruth! 
  • As I treat people how I would wish to be treated, I do have a fair guarantee policy to protect us both.
  • Readings are confidential; I don't judge and I don't discriminate on disability, race, religion, gender or sexuality. Spirituality for me embraces our differences!
  • I'm strongly opposed to anything that exploits people in order to extract money, my work revolves around using my abilities, with beautiful cards similar to tarot - not on exploiting grief! My main focus, is to work with you on unlocking a better future. 
  • I won't make stuff up to please! This includes telling you what you want to hear. 
  • Professionality is important to me - unlike most, I have Terms & Conditions and a Legal Disclaimer. I also have qualifications in dealing with trauma and vulnerability. I'm fully taxed and insured. You may not feel these things are important, as they don't affect the accuracy of your reading, however it does show spiritual intention and someone who takes ethics, responsibility and your welfare seriously!


Can't find your question? Please contact me using the contact section