Past Life Regression

As a fully qualified hypnotherapist, Charlie offers you past life regression in a safe environment. Sessions last about an hour, with little extra time for an introduction, tea, and a chat. 

Typically, past life regression is undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or to help make sense of this lifetime. This therapy assists in unlocking memories of past lives or incarnations. If your desired result is for the purposes of healing or personal development, Charlie can work with the emphasis on understanding any repeating patterns that might be hampering progress in this lifetime.


frequently asked questions 



Q: How is it delivered?

A: With past life regression you are placed into a light trance yet stay awake and aware throughout. Hypnotherapy is respected by conventional medicine and it has the largest body of supporting scientific evidence. What I deliver bears no relation to stage hypnotism, where people have little control and are made fools of. I am fully trained, qualified, and I work in a safe and responsible manner. You can have your session in-person or via Skype but not via telephone.

Q: Who is hypnotherapy not suitable for, and can anyone be hypnotised?

A: You must be over the age of 18 do take part in this process. Not everyone can be hypnotised. If this happens you will be offered a guided meditation instead, The fee is based on time not results. Although ideal for those struggling with anxiety and depression, hypnotherapy is not recommended for sufferers of other diagnosed mental illnesses. Charlie regrets she is unable to hypnotise blind and deaf people. If you think you are suffering some kind of trauma in this lifetime, then you will require someone with specific training (ideally a degree) and the relevant insurance.



Q: Is hypnotherapy dangerous?


A: Hypnosis in itself is not dangerous but can be harmful if conducted by an unskilled practitioner. For example, a car isn't dangerous but if it is driven by a bad driver it can cause a fatality or a serious road accident. Hypnosis can cause problems if someone is experiencing pain which has not been medically diagnosed. HYPNOSIS, even self-hypnosis, can sometimes result in the creation of false memories -- the belief that something happened even though it never did.


Q: What if something disturbing or embarrassing comes up? What if I become emotional during your past life regression therapy?

A: You are in safe hands. My background and training is in transformational energy. NOTHING shocks me and I do not judge. As a bonus, I'm an award-winning, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and campaigner for the vulnerable. I am dedicated to helping you reclaim your own life. I am also available for psychic readings.



Q: How long does it take? How much is it?


A: A one hour ONLINE Past Life Regression, costs £75.

If you wish to have both a reading and Past Life Regression, this takes two hours and costs £120. Go to the booking app here - select the method of delivery first (ie Zoom) - then "combination"


VISIT ME: You will be on the premises around 2 hours, The regression itself, will take up about 90 minutes and the rest is for tea and a chat. Fee £100. 

Combine your session with a reading, £120. £25 deposit and the balance on the day. 



Q: What are you hours?


A: 9am-9pm Mon-Fri / 10am-7pm Fri-Sun.



(Subject to availability). With onsite parking and a train station just a few meters away, I'm perfectly situated for those travelling from London. One direct 40-minute train from Marylebone or 20 minutes from the M40 / M25 by car. Great Missenden, is a beautiful chocolate-box village in Buckinghamshire, 35m northwest of London, 6 m from High Wycombe and 10m from Aylesbury. Nestled in the Chiltern Valley, the area is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

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