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Often available within just a few minutes, 7 days inc. days, eves, weekends & holidays

Check availability & book INSTANTLY!



Fees for other services (including writing coaching) are on their respective pages



Remotely delivered services - often available with just 15 minutes.

My charges are based on TIME and method of delivery


Single sessions - 45 minutes (max 1hr) for one person -


Doubles - 2 hours (1-2 persons) for either: one person to indulge / explore complex issues OR two can share (together or privately) £50 per hr / £100 total


Combinations - two hours - one person - 2 services: a reading plus Mental Magic or Past Life Regression -





NOT presently available.

These are restricted to a minimum of 2 hours and require 24 hours notice. FROM £100. Booking requires a deposit. MORE







Why do phone readings cost more than other delivery types?

Because I prefer to SEE you, that way I know if I need to slow down a little when you need to take a moment... Besides, seeing you is more personable!


Why is there a £5 difference between Zoom and Skype or Teams on single services?

Because my automated system can deliver a Zoom link instantly, the other types I have to send manually, its just easier!


Can I pay using PayPal or Bank Transfer?

If you want to book using PayPal or Bank Transfer, it's possible but will require a minimum 2hrs notice see here

(Card payment bookings are processed instantly on my system)