Fees based on a flat rate for time. 

Appointments booked online are discounted. Telephone readings and readings arranged by telephone are more expensive.


In-Person or Via Skype 

£50 Tues, Wed, Thurs - In=person or via webcam + booked online
£60 Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon - In=person or via webcam + booked online

Telephone Readings

£75 - any day of week). - booked online


Treat yourself to a 2 hour session OR visit with a friend and enjoy an hour each. As a pair, arrive at the same time for tea and an intro, there is a TV waiting area if you each then require privacy.

Tue, Wed, Thurs - SAVE! Only £90! (£45 per person / hour)

Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon -: £120 (£60 per person / hour)

SKYPE SPECIAL (90 minutes, 1-2 persons)

Only £80 Tues, Wed, Thurs 

Or £100 Fri, Sat, Sun. Mon

Treat yourself OR appear with one friend for a brief intro - remaining time can be split for privacy. Excellent value! Fee based on online bookings only. 


Each person can chose any service (except writing coaching)

£50 per hour / per person: Tues, Wed, Thurs - booked online

£60 per hour / per person: Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon - booked online

Also available as a tea party see below!

Upgrade to a vintage tea party for an average of just £15 per head - includes free champagne!

Psychic Vintage Tea Parties
Availability / Booking

Want to arrange your booking 

over the phone? 

* You can BUT why pay 25-50 % more? 

* Most of the time you will get an answering machine and you may have to wait up to 24 hrs or more for your call to be returned

* Your booking will still need to be secured using a card, so it won't be a short-cut

* The line is for bookings only, all information has to be taken from this site. Here's why and how

Online payments are taken by card using a secure method called Stripe. This is the quickest way to process your booking. However, if you prefer PayPal, submit the booking and request the PayPal details in the notes. 

Deposits are normally representative of £20 per person or hour  - except for vintage tea parties, Fee info / breakdown is shown when you click on your chosen service at the time of booking. If you request to pay using PayPal, this will take longer and you will need to bring the FULL amount in cash, as your PayPal will be refunded. Please note, there is no card reader on premises so the remaining balance is due in cash on the day.

Unanswered fee / deposit questions? 

Try reading the FAQ's on this page, before making contact - as responses can take up to 24 hours. 

Fee FAQ's

 Q: Can I bring the deposit with me?

 A: Sorry - no way. That defeats the object of a deposit!

 Q: Can I pay via bank transfer?

 A: No sorry, I only accept PayPal or debit / credit cards. Please don't ask.

 Q: Do you do a shorter amount of time or maybe a  one-question reading?

 A: No, sorry - I cannot work like this

Q: I booked a group party but someone isn't coming - what happens now? 

A: If you are prepared to take the entire session then you won't lose a penny of the deposit. For each person that does not show £20 is forfeit from the deposit towards the time lost, this cannot be transferred. 


Please contact Chat 2 Charlie for larger party bookings or other events

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