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Often available with just 15 minutes notice, 9am until midnight. Weekends & holidays may vary.

Find out about your reading - then book instantly!



Fees for other services (including writing coaching) are on their respective pages



Psychic Reading Fees


  1. My charges are based on TIME and method of delivery (NOT results!)
  2. Please bear in mind unlike many others, I am fully taxed and insured
  3. I am also ranked in the Uk top 2% (Free Index - based on 5 star reviews)
  4. My guarantee: Partial refunds are possible if you state kindly that you are unhappy within the first 20 minutes


Remotely delivered services - often available with just 15 minutes.

Single sessions - 45 minutes (max 1hr) for one person -


Doubles - 2 hours (1-2 persons) these offer a better rate! For either: one person to indulge / explore complex issues OR two to share (together or privately) £50 per hr / £100 total


Combinations - two hours - one person - 2 services: a reading plus Mental Magic or Past Life Regression -



In-calls from £100...


These are restricted to a minimum of 2 hours and require 48 hours notice. Booking requires a deposit. MORE


Remotely delivered readings do save you time and petrol and they are also available in shorter sessions.

The use of technology does not hamper a reading if you set it up correctly - the ONLY difference is I can offer you a cup of tea and a slightly more personal experience. 







Why do phone readings cost more than other delivery types?

Because I prefer to SEE you, that way I know if I need to slow down a little when you need to take a moment... Besides, seeing you is more personable!


Why is there a £5 difference between Zoom and Skype or Teams on single services?

Because my automated system can deliver a Zoom link instantly, the other types I have to send manually, its just easier!


Can I pay using PayPal or Bank Transfer? 

No Sorry - both have caused me issues in the past = however please note; card payments are taken via the secure provider Stripe


Do you do shorter readings?

My shortest "remotely" delivered reading is 45 minutes. To visit me, requires a 2 hour minimum - due to recovering from cancer and a delicate immune system, I have had to reduce my exposure.