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PLUS Past Life Regression, Mental Magic & Writing Coaching With Sunday Times, Best Selling Author


Fees for other services (including vintage teas and writing coaching) are on their respective pages

IN-PERSON - ONE PERSON - ONE HOUR - A deposit of £20 is required at the time of booking

Mid Week (Tues, Wed, Thurs) £60. In-person when booked online 

Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon.. £70 when booked online

A deposit of £20 required on booking

IN-PERSON - DOUBLE FOR TWO (TOTAL TWO HOURS) - A deposit of £40 is required at the time of booking

£120, 7 days - For when you don't want to come alone. If you each require privacy, there is a TV waiting area which you must book at the time of making your appointment. Arrive at the same time for tea and an intro. A choice of: Psychic reading, Past Life Regression or Mental Magic. (One service per person). If you are each having a different service, please book a waiting room. 

The mid-week double for two persons is no longer available. 

IN-PERSON DOUBLE SESSION FOR ONE (2 HOUR / SINGLE SERVICE) - A deposit of £40 is required at the time of booking

For one person only. Ideal when you need an extended session to explore complex or intensive issues: 

Best value deal - £100 Tues to Thurs. Fri to Mon £120.. Why not combine a reading with either past life regression or Mental Magic? See "Combination" fees further down.


Single hour Skype £60 - any day of week - book online 

SAVE! Enjoy a SKYPE DOUBLE: When you're in need of special attention or wish to share with a friend - £100 - any day of week - book online

There is a dedicated Skype page with introductory video on this site. All you need is a device with a camera. Services delivered this way are just as effective as
being in the same room. Paid in full online at time of booking

You can also combine a Skype reading with Past Life Regression or Mental Magic - see further down


Single Hour Telephone £75 - any day of week - book online if possible, it's much quicker to arrange! 

SPECIAL OFFER -between now and June 1st there will be a special offer of one hour for just £65 - that's £10 off 


A 2 hour service in which you can walk away enlightened and relaxed! For example you could start with a psychic reading for 60-90 mins then use the remaining time for another service such as: 

Mental Magic - perfect for sufferers of depression and anxiety. MORE

Past Life Regression - who were you in a past life and how does that affect you today? MORE

Available any day of the week - via Skype or In-person - £120  booked online


Each person can chose any service (except writing coaching)

£60 per hour / per person: Tues, Wed, Thurs - booked online

£70 per hour / per person: Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon - booked online

Also available as a tea party see below!

"Charlie is the most astonishing psychic I've ever met, her card reading was mind blowing!"

Fees are charges at a flat rate for time

Online payments are taken by card using a secure method called Stripe or via Paypal. 

Deposits are normally representative of £20 per person or hour  - except for vintage tea parties, Fee info / breakdown is shown when you click on your chosen service at the time of booking. Please note, there is no card reader on premises so the remaining balance is due in cash on the day.

Unanswered fee / deposit questions? Try reading the FAQ's below before making contact - as responses can take up to 24 hours. 



 Q: Can I bring the deposit with me?

 A: Sorry - no way. That defeats the object of a deposit!

 Q: Can I pay via bank transfer?

 A: No sorry, I only accept PayPal or debit / credit cards. Please don't ask.

 Q: Do you do a shorter amount of time or maybe a  one-question reading?

 A: No, sorry - I cannot work like this

 Q: I booked a group party but someone isn't coming - what happens now? 

 A: If you are prepared to take the entire session then you won't lose a penny of the deposit. For   each person that does not show £20 is forfeit from the deposit towards the time lost, this cannot   be transferred. 

Upgrade to a vintage tea party for an average of just £15 per head - includes free champagne!

Vintage tea parties with psychic readings, past life regression or meditation, Buckinghamshire

Please contact Chat 2 Charlie for larger party bookings or other events

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