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Fees for other services (including writing coaching) are on their respective pages

Psychic Reading Fees

Single sessions. 1 person x 45 mins - 1hr

£60 Via Zoom, Skype or Teams (NO MOBILES)

£65 Via What's App / Viber / Facetime (mobiles can be used)

£75 Telephone full hour (9am-midnight)

** £65 Telephone Special (max 45 mins, 1pm-6pm weekdays only)

** £50 Thursday Zoom special (max 45 mins, 1pm-5pm only - ends April) NO MOBILES

Combination. 1 Person x 2 hours divided between 2 services, £120

Available by laptop, tablet or PC, not telephones.

Divide the time as you wish adding Mental Magic or Past Life Regression to your reading

Double Session: My best value deal
Available by laptop, tablet or PC but not telephones.

For one person in need of intensive support or wishing to explore multiple or complex issues, 

Two people can share the time, together or privately
2 hours. 1-2 persons. £50 per hour - £100 total

If choosing to appear by webcam during your reading...

Please use a laptop or PC where possible. If you must use a mobile or tablet, you must use a stand fixed to a floor-based table or desk.

There will be some important setting up guidelines to follow, in order to get you the best possible reading.