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Psychic Guidance With Sunday Times Best Selling Author

Up to the minute availability & INSTANT booking

Often available within 15 minutes - Days, evenings, weekends, holidays - 7 days


Fees for other services (including writing coaching) are on their respective pages


 1. Single hour tarot only reading £60 

 2. SAVE! Enjoy a DOUBLE: For when you're in need of special attention or wish to share with a friend - £100 

 3. "COMBINE" - a reading followed by either a Mental Magic or Past Life Regression session. £120 - lasts two hours



 2. SPECIAL OFFER! A 45 minute session - only valid between 12pm-8pm only - for just £65 

 WHAT'S APP / VIBER - From £65

 On camera - £65 for up to one hour

 Call without cam - £65 for 45 mins (ideal for phone calls from outside the UK)

 Note: Zoom and Skype are better value because they offer more stability and so are less technologically   challenging, however, you should use the technology you are familiar with for best results.

 VISIT CHARLIE IN-PERSON, BUCKS  Please see the video on the booking page. 

 PARTIES - From £33 per person (presently online only)

 Back by popular demand - now held via Zoom! Flat rate fee of £200 for 2 hours. 

 For up to 6 persons appearing on screen at the same time (you can be in different   physical locations but there will be no "private individual" readings). 

 This is based on a fun and entertaining quick-fire tarot card reading. If you   wanted a different format you will need to email ahead

 You are paying for the TIME this end - not the number of people attending.

 Based on 6 sharing, price per head works out at £33.33. One person books and   pays  - it's  up to you how you recoup and split the cost, For example, if two people   drop out you may end up paying £50 each. 


 Q: Can I pay via PayPal, bank transfer or bring you cash?
 A: No sorry, I only accept debit / credit cards. Please don't ask. 

 Q: Do you do a shorter amount of time or maybe a  one-question reading?
 A: No, sorry - I cannot work like this. My shortest readings are 45 minutes

 Q: How do I know I am safe paying money to this website?

 A: Online payments are taken securely third party provider Stripe.