How psychic readings work & Terminology

Curious about psychic readings? What do they involve and how do they work?


In this blog post, we will explore the secrets of psychic readings. We'll discuss what to expect from a reading, how it works, and the history of this ancient practice. Plus, we'll take a look at some of the most common psychic abilities and services that are offered. If you're interested in learning more about this topic, then keep reading!


Psychic readings have been around for centuries. From way back in history he ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all used psychic readings to gain insight into their future. In more recent history, psychic readings were popular during the Victorian era. People would visit psychics to ask about their future husband or wife, their health, or even their financial status.

This can be done in several ways, but typically involves the use of tarot cards, runes, tea-leaves, palm reading or even just plain intuition. Of course, there are many other different types. The psychic will interpret the information they receive and relay it back to the person who asked for the reading. A psychic-medium is differentThey communicate with the spirit world in order to prove life after death and bring messages. Not all psychic are psychic mediums, all mediums however, do have psychic abilities. Whilst I did spend many years in a circle developing this, it is not what I define myself as. My focus is on being more of a light-worker, tarot reader with an intent on positive transformation - more of that later (also see my psychic readings page).

Most people can tell you about spooky things that have happened to them. However, being a full-time psychic - as a service provider, is something that comes with a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately, it's an unregulated industry, meaning that there are many cowboys out there.

When you go for a psychic reading, it is important to be open-minded and receptive to the information that you receive. A good psychic will be able to pick up on your energy and give you information that is relevant to your current situation. If you are closed off or resistant to the reading, the psychic may not be able to give you as much information.


A good psychic will be able to give you general information about your future, but they may not be able to give you specific details. If you are looking for a specific answer to a question, it is best to ask a well-framed question, without opening up and telling a story - unless of course you have a trusted, proven advisor. This way, the psychic will be able to give you a more clear-cut answer.

Whilst Psychic readings can appear spot on, it's important to remember that they are not always 100% correct accurate, no matter how convincing, even if some details appear astonishing. A psychic who tries to sell themselves in that manner, is not being responsible. Even when a psychic reader is firing out things that they seemingly, shouldn't possibly know - when it comes to the guidance part and helping a client move forwards; I always try to be ethical and responsible. This is achieved by clarifying that not everything that is said may be right. So, it's super important you don't make any important decisions based on a reading, and if you do then don't blame anyone else but yourself for the outcome! I often tell clients when I reveal insights, "this might be my truth, but it doesn't mean it's the truth". It's important to be transparent about this. And whilst I add, what matters is if it is your truth, sometimes that is only proved correct at a future point in time.


Some people offer psychic services without little ability or responsibility.

If the client is not discerning or blindly takes them with more than a pinch of salt, this can have very serious consequences. Whilst of course conversely, others can be born with stronger psychic abilities than others, this also is not an indication that they know how to use this wisely. Someone self-proclaiming verbally or on a site, that they are gifted, is a sign of someone not completely spiritually evolved. What truly matters is intention, results and serving others.

Psychic ability is something that is innate and cannot be learned, but the ability itself can be continually developed. As well as this, like anything you do regularly, the more you do it, the more adept and practiced you become, perhaps like an art form. I see myself as a very real-world psychic. Importantly for me, I have insurance as well as paying taxes - "spiritual is, as spiritual does" as I often say. The vast majority of part-time psychic I have come across, aren't really above board, this comes about because there is very little regulation or accountability. They also often don't usually have any training, terms and conditions, disclaimers or crisis management strategies. I see these as an essential part of my tool kit. Especially where I discover someone is for example, unfortunately suicidal or in a violent relationship.


Also be aware of the fact that many unscrupulous individuals or amateurs, may extract information without you even realising it. Make sure they tell you plenty that resonates, before allowing them to move onto questions, which can be very telling. Any psychic who claims to be very accurate, works on ego. Only their clients are qualified to tell you that. But do remember, sometimes what is spoken of regarding the future, may only reveal itself retrospectively looking back. I've had many clients assume what I've said can't possibly true, and later come back and having witnessed first-hand, that in hindsight, they were either wrong or misunderstood. This can range from the variables at their end, their perception of what I was trying to get assumptions they made at the time of the reading about how the story plays out or even other scenarios. Also of course, it could also be details or perhaps a time-order that I presented.

Other red flags for someone using a public psychic persona should include, a website that has massive photos of them dominating it, especially the home page. This is because being a psychic is not about performing or status. Such individuals may indeed be genuinely psychic, but they are more entertainer than servant. My intention is to serve you, not my own image. Yes, I have had some recognition, however it's not important and not some kind of credibility.


I have previously used the word "international" on my site. (To be frank, it's become overused cliché anyway). For me, it simply meant that I have clients I serve all around the world, (indeed my Mailchimp software, surprisingly reveals hundreds of countries!) however, I was taught the lesson that using this word, gives out the vibe of commerciality or seeking success over true authentic light-work. So, I actually chose to drop it. I would urge you not to allow that word to subliminally influence you into thinking it's evidence of credibility. Success, should not be measured by how famous someone is. Reputation should have a different vibration not being based on showmanship. I don't do any kind of "shows", TV readings, groups of more than 2 or events. I've also never worked on spiritualist platform. In my case, that's actually more to do with my autism, I don't believe I am the right person for this and choose a more private way to serve. I also rebuff the idea of being gifted (another egotistical term that shouldn't be self-applied) or that this means because being psychic is a gift, that you should do free readings; firstly, I reserve the right to choose which people for free and secondly, my clients want a service that they are willing to pay for. Besides, charities are better placed to discriminate who truly is in need, and so I regularly give to them instead. Evidence of which you will find on my Chat 2 Charlie Facebook page.


If you have strong feelings about the role of money in readings, then this is what I say on “to charge or not to charge” blog.




Terminology / Glossary of related words


A Psychic: A person who possesses extra-sensory abilities (beyond the usual type of sense) or who seems to be susceptible to paranormal or supernatural influences.


Tarot card reader: The art of using tarot cards. Only a genuine, natural born psychic, one who doesn't actually need the tarot cards, can give an accurate life reading. Without that natural ability, the tarot cards can be misconstrued. A true tarot reader should also be able to give spiritual guidance on how to navigate the things that arise. 


History. The first documented tarot card decks go much further back and were recorded between 1440 and 1450 in Milan, Ferrara, Florence and Bologna. The most widely of which is the Rider-Waite (1909). It’s often shown on TV and films for dramatic purposes. In fact, the deck should be more accurately known as the Rider-Waite-Smith, because at the time of production, the lady who beautifully illustrated the deck – Pamela Colman Smith, did not get any credit. Today, there are hundreds of different types of decks, I personally chose one that has ancient civilisations, is racially diverse and able to adapt to modern world situations. 


How they work. Each card has a meaning and by shuffling the pack and laying in certain patterns, a story about the past, present and then the future forms. The deck is comprised of minor and major arcana. This means, a group of cards denoted by four suits not dissimilar from a normal card deck and I’d describe the majors as big deal cards, these are the ones such as death (which by the way should not scare you, it often describes rebirth). Anyone can buy a deck and a book and learn the individual meanings of the cards. But this is not how an authentic tarot card reader works. True psychic readers, are spiritual advisors who always use the gift of natural clairvoyance (see further down). The tarot process can also assist a confident delivery to the spiritual advisor. 


My own tarot card readings. The deck I chose (20 odd years ago) is beautiful. It’s racially diverse and I have mentally applied real modern-world situations and characters; so that for example my readings (just like me) are gender and sexuality friendly. For me, the cards act more as a prop, they illustrate things, they give the client something pretty to look at! Sometimes a detail unexpectedly jumps out of the cards at a client. Occasionally I have even seen something I have never noticed on the illustration before. When I first used the cards, the organisation I developed with kept telling me I did not need them. To be quite frank this is true. I often know what cards are coming and can do an entire reading without them, I just love using them! They also assist me in storytelling, an art that assists with subtle, spiritual counselling where appropriate - for example to aid healing broken heart energy or break negative cycles. This is particularly useful, because I often am privileged to serve highly sensitive people, empaths and even other psychics.


A medium (or psychic medium): Someone who speaks to the spirit world. A psychic who provides communication with your loved ones in spirit. Talking to those who have passed over in order to give messages or evidence of life after death. All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums. In the western world, the term (and commercialisation) dates to Victorian times. However, contact with the spirit world, has been present in many ancient civilisations since time began, for example through Shamans.


Personally, it is not my skill set. I did sit in a circle to develop for over a decade at the Leeds branch of Greater World so it’s not ruled out but I am not keen on doing it “for a living” you can get mediumship in a church for either free during a service or donation at a church event. There are also many “demonstrations of mediumship” where mediums hold events, often for profit but sometimes for charity.


The Fortune teller: OK, so strictly speaking of course, this phrase describes someone who tells you your “fortune” but we need to be careful with this term, it’s certainly not based on anything spiritually derived. Fortune telling has been around for centuries in some cultures. Think Romany Gypsies reading tarot cards, the tea leaves or even a crystal ball. Think of the middle east where someone may read your coffee dregs. Or a palmist who reads the hands. What I do should not be titled as fortune telling, I do not classify myself as a fortune teller and in fact find this term demeaning. In some (obviously not all) cases, this has been someone who dressed up at fairgrounds and other events or saw people in person, in order to make money, mainly as a form of entertainment. It is to be noted that even today, the law states that any reading is to be seen as entertainment, which is sensible as it protects the client from getting carried away or basing decisions on the reading and the psychic from suggesting the client should accept their answer as the definitive, which could be dangerous. In fact, I consider myself as a “light worker”


Clairvoyant / Clairvoyance: I'm often asked "what is a clairvoyant reading"

This is NOT to be confused for someone who speaks to the spirit world - although a clairvoyant might be able to see spirit, it isn’t the meaning of the word. Clairvoyant means ‘clear seeing’ (or vision) in French. Clairvoyance, is to have the ability to do just that. Those images or visions can be either literal or symbolic. Some people have the odd vision, but a gifted clairvoyant sees often without warning or when going into a trance. During a reading, I let my thoughts drift away (clairvoyantly) and I see images. Looking at a person, or a photo may assist having those images arrive my thoughts, in that moment or later. Sometimes it makes me wonder if what I am seeing is just my imagination or maybe I have been influenced by something said or seen for example the TV earlier that day. So, I have to be very disciplined and mindful as I am working. I often see the visions or images unexpectedly in everyday life, dealing with these situations is tricky and requires a different level of responsibility. I learnt years ago, its not the right thing to do, to just go up to someone and randomly tell them stuff!


Clairsentient / clairsentience: Psychically sensing something, having the ability to feel things that are not visible. Think of walking down a dark alley, you don’t see the man, you don’t hear him but suddenly the hairs go up on the back of your neck, your turn around and… Most of us have this ability, scientifically it probably dates back to when we lived in prehistoric times and had to sense situations to avoid being prey.


Clairaudience: Related to hearing “that which is inaudible” during a reading.


Claircognicance, (UK) aka claircognizance, (US): The ability to acquire psychic knowledge or being able to see how thing may unfold, without knowing how or why it is known. Years ago, I often use to say, “I don’t know how I know this; I just know!” without realising, it was a thing.


Clairgustance: Meaning clear tasting. The ability to taste something that isn't actually there; for example, you envisage a florist shop and then smell the flowers. This experience is also associated with, when a deceased loved one is attempting to communicate a memory or association, and we have with a particular food or beverage that reminds us of them.


Clairalience: Clear smelling. The ability to smell odours that don't have any kind of physical source. Instances of this could include smelling a cigar or the perfume or of a deceased relative, used as a sign of their presence around us. Interestingly in my case, I do have a very sensitive nose possibly due to being autistic. But of course, is it debatable as to whether those odours are being wafted under my nose in some paranormal way or if they only exist “existentially” (see next).  


Existentially: Having being in time and space, not necessarily physically present.


Face to face: Often confused for visiting someone in person. It actually only related to seeing each other; regardless of whether this is in the same room or over the internet.


In-person: Visiting the psychic, being present in the same room - not over the phone or online. Whilst I do offer this style of service, it requires more notice and has a two-hour minimum. This is opposed to my remotely delivered readings, for example via webcam on Zoom or by phone.


One-on-one: (One on one). Simply relates to me doing a reading for just one person, as opposed to two or even a group. I don’t mind readings for singles or two people or actual couples - but I don’t offer readings for groups or shows. I also don’t do psychic parties or tarot parties, psychic medium demonstrations or psychic hen nights.


The afterlife: The belief that the soul survives the physical death and “lives on” in spirit or as energy. Evidence of the belief of the afterlife, has been documented on pre-historic cave drawings.


Spiritual: It always makes me giggle a little when a client say’s “I’m spiritual, I have a few crystals, I play with tarot” that’s really only an interest in stuff. Spirituality, is not just about what you say, buy or take part in. It’s just as much about actions and reactions. As I often say, spiritual is as spiritual does. That’s why I have never been able to reconcile war or murder in the name of religion. Likewise, the inequality of women.


Spirituality versus Spiritualism: These are not the same and are two words very often confused. Firstly, spirituality is a way of life, a thought process and the pursuit of enlightenment and it does not have to be connected to religion, although quite often it is.  Whereas spiritualism refers to a belief system, one that is almost a religious movement, based on there being an ability to communicate with the spirit world. Spiritualist churches feature mediums who bridge the gap between this world and the next.


Psychometry: Sensing energy by holding an object or token, for example a piece of jewellery that once belonged to a relative that has passed to spirit. I was once in a restaurant, a waiter (who had got to know me quite well and was waiting for me) took a small old ring out of his wallet. As I held it, I saw the lady who had once owned it, as well as two previous owners, and the inside of the first lady’s house. He looked quite surprised. Without any warning, a ceramic plate on a high shelf flew off. Not only did it startle us both (he literally said “I need a piss” and ran off!) but on closer inspection, that plate didn’t have a single chip out of it…      


Aura: A subtle electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds the body. Every living entity has an aura. The colours of the aura can be used to interpret a person’s health and wellbeing. It is generally agreed that there are seven layers to an aura. The innermost being the etheric body, and then working outwards: emotional body, mental body, astral layer, etheric template, celestial body and the outermost layer being the ketheric template. Each layer becomes finer and vibrates at a higher frequency than the previous one.



Chakras: Each body has seven major energy centres called chakras, existing on an energetic level they let the body regulate itself. From a clairvoyant basis, the chakras are seen as spinning wheels of energy.


An intuitive: Whilst we all possess some level of intuition, an intuitive, is less interested in the literal reality of what does exist and is more interested in the potential of what could exist. Rather than seeing things for what they are, I often see things for what they could be. This may include patterns, connections, and hidden meanings. I seek to connect everything into a bigger picture. This is something that is unusual for an autistic person and I spent many years developing in a circle, until it became almost a second nature.


Light workers are people who have chosen to use their abilities to help others. Intuitive people are also often light workers. Lightworkers feel an enormous pull towards helping others. Also referred to as crystal babies, indigos, Earth angels and star seeds, these spiritual beings volunteer to act as a beacon for the Earth, and commit to serving humanity. This is very different from a witch, who may specifically define themselves as pagan and cast spells. That doesn't mean it's a bad thing, just different. Technically, the term lightworker was first coined by author and teacher Michael Mirdad relatively recently, in the early 80s. Later, in 1997, Doreen Virtue released the book The Lightworkers Way. Most light workers, have a distinctive core of kindness within themselves and vibrate at a higher energy level that enables them to be positive and support others through their struggles.


Empaths: are both exceptionally intuitive and sensitive. Some suggest this is attributed to those with special or paranormal abilities. Their highly tuned senses can often pick up energy and other things unseen to many. On the flip-side, their ability to absorb other people’s emotions, including pain, can be draining to them. And their bright radiance, can attract the wrong sort of attention. Empaths often like lots of alone time and can become replenished in nature. My own work involves a lot of guidance for empaths trying to navigate this somewhat painful journey; especially when it comes to relationships.