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Charlie says...


"I eat sleep and breathe this world - 7 days a week. I don't clock on and off. I wake up and pick up my phone, excited by the bookings that have landed. Then I thank the universe for the messages of appreciation and confirmation from my beautiful client circle. Sure, I take a few hours off here and there, to be with my husband, beloved pooch and occasionally some friends, but I know many of my lovelies need readings whilst little children sleep. Then I sign off around midnight, contented. That sense of a life well served is the real meaning of the word Priceless


- Charlie, aka Chat 2 Charlie 

Words of Wisdom

For more than two decades, Charlie has worked as a media specialist, inspirational speaker, and transformational guide. Sharing a vast array of skills and experiences, she creates spellbinding stories to inspire others and evoke a reaction. 

An Advocate and campaigner 

Few other women with Charlie's backstory have survived to tell the tale, let alone crafted it into positive intervention. She has a wide and varied repertoire and has been described by one journalist as a social chameleon. 

Charlie has engaged with the UK media on every major news channel. She's addressed packed conferences for social workers, the care sector and the Women's Institute, as well as speaking to the women (and officers) at Askham Grange Prison in York. Charlie has been an advocate for young people in care, the groomed, sex workers and women in prison - amongst many others.

As an articulate, specialist guest, she has been featured on many chat shows, documentaries, articles and political debates. 

Charlie appearing on This Morning, Loose Women, As a buyer on Antiques Road Trip and as a guest on the Daily Politics Show


"She's been there, done that, got the t-shirt and come through with flying colours!" - Trisha Goddard, 2006

Back in 2006, Charlie was thrilled to be invited on "Trisha" the Primetime show, as an expert guest to mentor a young woman with a toxic, chaotic and erratic lifestyle. Host Trisha Goddard stated Charlie - inspired the transformation of the girl in question and won the hearts of both audience.

Charlie On Being Psychic

"I'm a third-generation, natural born psychic clairvoyant, Since being a little girl, I've been aware of enhanced senses, the spirit world, and inexplicable events that many others didn't perceive. I went to a spiritualist church at 13 and was told I would become 'A prolific medium' (I didn't even know what any of that meant!). Quite rightly my foster mum at the time said I was too impressionable and should only return as an adult. Then at 17 I met a "white witch", and started tarot card readings on a pagan basis, I guess the old description would have been, fortune telling. Whilst I later left paganism behind for a different kind of spiritual belief, it had inspired what was to become a lifetime interest in both searching for destiny and natural remedies,


"I had left a children's home only the year before, with a strong desire to be loved and so like many care-leavers do, decided to become a single mum. I soon started struggling, got in with some dangerous people and my life fell seriously off track - I now embrace this as part of an essential human development journey.

In my thirties, I was diagnosed with both Aspergers and Epilepsy. The medical profession have used this to explain some of my Déjà vu moments, as well as public predictions. This makes me smile. Whilst there can be no doubt these medical conditions are real, I am certain they do not prove my experiences to be coincidental illusions, more like an opening of a portal. My understanding of time also seems a little different, I often go forwards during temporal lobe partial-seizures and announce coming events. Apparently it's something common with TLE suffers - as well as bursts of writing and other psychic experiences"

"Then one day I joined the 'Greater World' (back then I was at the Leeds branch). I found a mentor who showed me that ability wasn't the end story. My heart was in the right place but I was over confident (I'm an extrovert which is unusual for someone with Aspergers). In fact I waked into the church wanting to go straight onto the platform and my first job was making tea - looking back this was absolutely necessary and to be honest I enjoyed it and relished the chance to become part of something special. My ego had to be 'stripped back' it had brought with it some habits - like going up to people randomly and telling them stuff without thinking about the consequences. 

People who haven't had the benefit of any infrastructure can do more harm than good - looking back the GW training was the best thing that happened to my development. I sat in a circle for many years to learn the art of responsible and ethical delivery. After more than a decade, I eventually become chairperson. Far from the girl that had felt this was some kind of gift, I now saw my role as a light worker, and to serve. I don't get involved with seances, Ouija boards or events linked to murder. 

"Due to an extraordinary and challenging background, (which I now use as a platform for positive change), I’m well-equipped to deal with emotional and sensitive issues - I try not to judge anyone... I want to help you on your journey"

Unlike many psychics, Charlie is a full time, independent. Serving you is her sole / soul purpose. Charlie is not affiliated to any sites or companies that pay shareholders or flashy advertising or that pressure you into future services or spending  more than you agreed to. 

Award-winning psychic Chat 2 Charlie on the set of This Morning with Fern and Phil


Appearing with Fern and Phil on ITV's This Morning to talk about her Sunday Times, bestselling, critically acclaimed book, Priceless


"When we think of psychics, we tend to imagine an angelic, wild hippy in a floaty kaftan. We probably wouldn’t expect someone who once had a dramatic back-story filled with the sort of trauma, crime and violence you’d expect on a Netflix series..."

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