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PLUS Past Life Regression, Mental Magic & Writing Coaching With Sunday Times, Best Selling Author

Charlie Daniels is a Koestler award winning writer 

and Sunday Times best selling author...

Ever fancied trying your hand at writing? Do you have stories you want to share with others 

or do you like the idea of using writing for healing?

Charlie offers one-on-one coaching sessions suitable for absolute beginners. Taking you from the basics of your first words on the page, developing your craft and if required, showing you how to land an agent or publishing deal, 

As well as general creative writing tuition, Charlie also delivers Write Your Life Right -a programme of cathartic writing. This healing and transformative technique, Charlie has developed as a result of her own writing journey. Leave your baggage behind, embrace your authentic voice, encourage success as well as spiritual and personal growth through the power of the pen (and maybe later your laptop!). 


Hello, I'm Charlie. I have a learning disability, but I don't let it stop me from writing what critics have called 'powerful stories from the heart'. Writing isn't about spelling and grammar - that's what editors are for! I've spent years on courses, writing retreats, writing holidays with published authors as well as having read a small library of books on developing the craft. I believe I can show you some techniques to make your writing more compelling. Having a good story and writing it in a way that people are hooked - are two different things. So if you intend for someone else to enjoy your work, then the way you create and display the words on the page, will make a profound difference.

When writing about something sensitive, sometimes you need someone to support you through the dark moments - someone you can rely upon to offer an impartial ear. When writing something deeply personal (and it makes no difference if is just for you or for your loved ones or for publication) then it can be a time of both introspection but also emotional exploration which can lead to enlightenment.

My time is very affordable, other writers charge a fortune for this kind of individual tuition"

What you need to know...

* The fee is £120 for a two hour session, you can book as many as you need

* Payment in full will be made securely via Stripe for online bookings or a £40 deposit is required to secure an in-call. 

* Sessions can be delivered internationally via Skype OR in person in the stunning location of Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire - one train from London Marylebone

* You don't need to bring anything other than a pad and pen!

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