Psychically Inspired Coaching: 

For small businesses and Coaches; as well as Artists and performers

a spiritual yet very grounded, entrepeneur

Let Charlie assist with motivation, inspiration, increased productivity, creativity, and stability. For more than two decades, Charlie worked as a media specialist, inspirational speaker, and transformational guide. Sharing a vast array of skills and experiences, she creates spellbinding stories to inspire others and evoke a reaction. 


Her background began with an incredible journey through the care system and being groomed, that experience in itself, would have broken most people, but Charlie used this as alchemy and reinvented herself - as charted in her Sunday Times best selling book, Priceless. 

Thrown into a situation of treading water to survive, Charlie quickly discovered an aptitude for entrepreneurship, Despite her humble start, her first enterprise was  built nothing but wits, drive and determination, She built an unconventional world from seed upwards to become one of the most successful and creative operators in her industry at that time. 


Charlie walked away from what had become an empire many years ago in order to "strip back", embrace spirituality and fulfill her soul-purpose, Today her psychic business coaching uses a rare combination of creative intuition, business strategy, spiritual wisdom and where required - even the art of war. Somehow applying and delivering all of this, in a unique package; outside of the box. The psychic side is a real bonus, giving her an edge that few other business coaches will have. 


Includes using a unique and entertaining process. Charlie will use her tarot cards within the framework of a psychic reading yet also including tailor made strategy, interaction and often homework!


Book a 2 hour session on Zoom £120


An "in-person" career or development session works a little differently. 90 minutes development and 30 minutes for tea and chat etc. £100. OR £150 if you bring another person with you (but they must be in the same room at the same time and about the same business. Check availability or book instantly.



psychic career and business coaching a unique and entertaining way to approach your future

"Story is that of the enterprising entrepreneur... She's no angel, but she's honest and funny... A success story" 

- Daily Express Newspaper 2006

"Lord Sugar might meet his match if Charlie ever entered The Apprentice...Charlie is a fierce fighter and on love, well, she’s a bit of an expert" 

- The Belfast Telegraph, November 2011

Charlie is based in High Wycombe - on the Buckinghamshire / Berkshire border. 

Sessions can also be delivered internationally, including via Skype, Zoom and What'sApp

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