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Singer and songwriter, Pamela of Astara reviews Chat 2 Charlie


"I need my Charlie fix!"


WOW!! This is my second time with Charlie and it was just the most amazing reading I have ever had. It was so spot on and just blew me away. Charlie's ability to read the tarot cards so well relating to my situation was just so MIND BLOWING. Not only is Charlie such a lovely down to earth soul who makes you feel at home as soon as you get there, but she also makes the best home made teas made with love. When she reads the cards it comes from a place of deep, deep wisdom and a place of caring and doesn't sugar coat. She also gave me some sound advice regarding my situation and I left with a lot more clarity and direction. I wholeheartedly recommend Charlie, she is so gifted in her talent and will definitely be back x

Pamela - "Astara"

March 24th 2019: Model and Make-up Artist, Olivia Jane Wellbourne mentions Chat 2 Charlie on Instagram! 

Thank you again, was honestly AMAZING!


I have been in regular contact with Charlie for the past 4 years and every time I listen to my recording of our conversation and write up notes that I can refer to as time passes,
Her accuracy both in the positive and negative aspects of her predictions is uncanny and I would say without favour that her predications are 85%+ accurate.
In Jan 2022 I had a 12 month reading which is split into manageable calendar sections ( record it as it is impossible to take accurate notes over that length of call )
In the past 11 months the degree of detail and accuracy is uncanny as I have referred to my notes throughout the year and I can tick of the predictions as they happen.
Over the past 40 years I have referred to a number of clairvoyants, some amazingly accurate and other complete charlatans.
Charlie is in a league of her own with her talents.
I am retired now but if I was back in corporate life, she would certainly be a consultant to my company.
If you have never used a clairvoyant but are considering it, go directly to Charlie, you will have to search long and hard to find any better.


Date of experience: October 25, 2022, Trustpilot 


Stiledi Vita blogger writes about her Chat 2 Charlie experience


(Extract): "experience was amazing and honestly looking back now I don’t know why I was so scared! Its hard to explain what Charlie did say to me as I feel it is an experience in which you need to go through in order to believe. Charlie was an amazing reader and I would definitely recommend her to absolutely anyone! She was so welcoming and loving that it made us both feel comfortable about being there. Honestly, if you have the chance I would 100% say that you SHOULD go!!"


"I wish I could have a pocket Charlie and carry her everywhere!"

I had 2 clairvoyant tarot readings with Charlie, one 1,5 years ago and one today. With regards to the first one I am totally gobsmacked about the accuracy of what I was told. Literally every card she put down on the table found its reflection in events that unfolded in my life - I enquired about my relationship at the time and literally every single point she made was later confirmed. Charlie is very passionate about readings and helping you and she offers great insights and 'tough love' when needed. Although I wasnt ready to act on what she told me at the time, there was no denying the accuracy and substance the reading delivered. She also provided me with tools and additional help for my circumstances at the time. Today's reading also provided me with great insights and I was truly amazed by accuracy of certain facts she was able to recognise. I would certainly recommend readings with Charlie to anyone, even those who feel like they got it all figured out ;-) Am pretty sure Charlie will blow your mind anyway!



psychic life guide

Had a reading with Charlie today as I had a bit of bad news recently. The news had been predicted in other readings by other psychics and also some events to happen after. The reason I reached out to Charlie is I had researched her as I wanted something more than just an accurate psychic reading. More why and how I would get to the stage of these events.Charlie done the first section of the reading blind without information, I went to speak and she shhh'd me to stop me giving any detail. She continued and picked up on the reason for my call shortly after. The events and even the symbolism in her cards was on point.So that verified her accuracy for me but what I really liked was that Charlie gives you something to take from the reading more than just predictions. Here advice and explanations of the how we're great. There is no rubbish, straight to the point and she is real, which helps when someone is looking into the more intimate parts of your life. Thanks again Charlie


Had a guided meditation & hypnotherapy session with Charlie which helped me understand very important things about life and myself and how to deal with depression. I Highly recommend Charlies readings and Mental Magic sessions to anyone who's going through depression or anxiety or simply looking for more clarity on questions about life.. Charlie will guide you to the right path for recovery.


Absolutely outstanding accuracy, it blew my mind and such an enjoyable session! What an amazing gift even though I have no idea how she does it! Every card Charlie put down was accurate and poignant in my life, from the small things to the huge events happening in my life. Charlie knew them all with no prompting whatsoever! She's also the loveliest straight to the point person and you know she's authentic. Thank you Charlie and I can't wait to speak again. Highly recommend her to anyone, even the sceptics. She'll blow your mind! Thank you, Charlie, 😊 Philippa xx


Date of experience: March 17, 2023, Trustpilot





Comforting, guiding and insightful... REMARKABLE!

I’m having a tough time at the moment and had to make some very difficult life decisions. I really took comfort, security and guidance from this session. I felt an immediate connection and mutual understanding between humans. I have come away from the session feeling lighter, clearer minded and I can’t really explain why but comforted and with a clearer path forward.
Her insights were overwhelming and poignant. I will be talking to Charlie again without doubt and also reading her suggested material and following her on social media.
Worth every penny and that’s coming from a recently sceptical human! :)


Date of experience: March 10, 2023, Trustpilot





Simply the Best. Went to Charlie for my second reading. She is absolutely amazing, accurate and honest. Some of the things she told me I found a bit hard to take on board at first but once the penny had dropped made total sense. I would highly recommend a reading with Charlie. Don't look any further, she is simply the best.


Date of experience: February 10, 2023, Trustpilot



Accurate Insightful reading! HIGHLY recommend Charlie. Charlie is truly amazing at what she does! The reading I had with her was accurate and insightful, just what I needed! At some points I could even feel the hairs at the back of my neck stand up, it was a truly phenomenal experience! Charlie really helped me to gain clarity on the progression of my career. As well as being professional, she is very friendly and easy to talk to which helped me to feel more relaxed about getting a reading as a person who hasn't experienced a reading like this before. Charlie was also able to give excellent business advise too and went into depth to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend Charlie, I’m so glad I took the leap of faith to work with her!


Date of experience: January 11, 2023, Trustpilot

Berkshire tarot card readings

I had a reading with Charlie and I can honestly say I left feeling Jaw dropped. The readings was very intense and very accurate, her presence made me feel like I had known her for years. Charlie made a point of asking me not to tell her anything during the reading and just to keep quiet - yet my mouth was open most of the time with just how spot on she was! 

Charlie gave me inner peace from her reading, reassurances and clarification. The things she told me - there wasn't a chance on this earth she could have known through guess work on chance. If I had to describe her in one words I would say AMAZING! - Thank you Charlie, I cant thank you enough

My mother and I have engaged in ten years of counselling which had not even come close to resolution. Yet somehow during the reading, I experienced a full-blown seismic shift - within seconds of me asking Charlie my first question. I’d also wasted thousands on other psychics, who had seen the same cards as Charlie but didn’t have her unique life perspective.We also had a shocking number of coincidences that linked us; as she first shared insights and then personal things with me that she was relating to. It was as if she had lived my journey.Then came the cliff-hanger. Charlie knows what comes next. She pointed out I can go in either direction but what the various outcomes will be. I just know she’s right. I hope I will make the right choice, (head over heart) but either way I am forewarned, with a startling amount of clarity.Charlie, you were so funny, so warm and so engaging. I feel like I have made a friend for life. Thank you!

Oh my goodness... Charlie is such a special lady. Totally blown away with her talent she is so accurate it gave me chills! Such a lovely person, real and down to earth no bs and straight to the point. Totally in awe of her wonderful gift! I will definitely be coming back. Much love honey xxx

Where do i even begin!! Thank you so much for the wonderful tarot reading this morning. I am so happy i found you all the way over in the u.k. You picked up on so many details it amazes me how you could have known the things you were saying!! Lol you are so talented and so sweet to talk to i could talk to you all day! i have never had a reading like the one i had with you. I am so thankful for finding you. I really needed this reading. I can't Express how amazing you are and how this was the best reading i have ever had. You are the only one i will call. If you haven't called charlie don't think twice you will not regret it trust me!! A million stars!!

WOW WOW WOW! I was blown away with my reading today. I was made to feel very welcome and reassured. It was something I hadn't done before and was sceptical as to what Charlie would have to say.  Charlie was very professional and compassionate. I came away feeling completely empowered and happy. been feeling lost and this helped me to re think. Thanks so much once again and I will be recommending highly to everyone. Xx

Buckinghamshire clairvoyant

I saw Charlie about a year ago. I was sceptical to say the least but Charlie left me absolutely speechless! I couldn't believe everything she was saying were events that I was dealing with at that time. The comfort of messages from my late father through her made it all that much more worth it for me. Thank you Chat 2 Charlie, definitely be seeing you again.

I had a clairvoyant reading with Charlie this morning and she was spot on! 

I'm currently pregnant and she picked it up immediately what was really freaky is there was a card with a lady who was pregnant 

- sooo spooky! Thank you Charlie for a great reading and your're such a lovely lady!

same day, short notice Skype tarot reading

I had an absolutely astonishing reading from Charlie, it was all that I hoped for and more. Her clairvoyant reading was 100% spot on for the past and present and gave me wonderful insights for the future. I was beyond blessed to have my father come through during the mediumship, having just lost him in April. When she mentioned him coming through, I asked him in my mind, to mention our favourite band, to validate it was really him. Charlie looked up at me and said "He keeps mentioning Pink Floyd, does that mean anything to you?" And all I could do was smile. She truly is the real thing and is so down to earth and sociable that I felt very comfortable and engaged the entire session, I recommend Charlie to anyone and will 1000% be back again!

Dear Natalie, What blew me away (yes I still can be spooked!) was the moment you unzipped your jacket to show the album cover - the dark side of the moon, which I had told you was part of what I could see clairvoyantly. A moment I shall treasure always, evidence of the life hereafter. Many blessings to you! Charlie aka Chat 2 Charlie

I went for a joint psychic reading with a close friend. I went in open minded unsure of what to expect. I have always doubted clairvoyants and not really believed in psychic readings, I wasn't expecting to leave shocked and blown away by how accurate and detailed my reading was. 

It was very emotional and quite scary how quickly it changed my complete perception. I will definitely be going back and I would highly recommend Charlie to anyone and everyone, she is an extremely talented woman. Thank you Charlie

Review for Chat 2 Charlie, tarot card clairvoyant

I went to see Charlie for a tarot card reading today and every moment was fantastic! She really made me feel welcome at ease and comfortable. I was a bit sceptical about going today, after doing a lot of thinking and reading all the reviews on Facebook - which may I add are spot on. I plucked up the courage and booked through Charlie's website. 

Charlie has made me come away feeling as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and with a clearer mind! 

nothing short of absolutely incredible. She was completely accurate with everything

I had my first reading with Charlie yesterday. Charlie is absolutely amazing.

best Skype psychic

Charlie is absolutely amazing. She was so welcoming and friendly and such a lovely person to chat to. She was spot on with everything she said and predicted that my plans for after the reading were going to be cancelled - shortly after I received a call saying they were cancelled! Absolutely amazing! 

She made me so comfortable during the reading and everything she said was true. I'll be sure to visit again.

- Janine Benson, Notting Hill, London


I've seen almost all of the psychics in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Bedfordshire with varying degrees of satisfaction. Three of them I've seen several times before meeting Charlie. Without a shadow of a doubt her gift is absolutely mind-blowing. Her accuracy is uncanny. From the moment the reading began, she worked fast and hard delivering irrefutable evidence of the past and present and when it came to the future, what came to pass was incredibly on point. 

- James Cooper, Slough, Berkshire


Charlie has got to be THE best psychic I've ever met. Yes, you could describe her as a tarot card clairvoyant, but it doesn't go far enough. Much more than that she has been a support, an advisor and also a friend. 

My first tarot reading was face to face, my second was over Zoom and was just as good. If you have never been to see a clairvoyant before, then it's important you do your homework, there are a lot of part time amateurs. Some of them are nice, a few of them are good and one or two are exceptional. But Charlie is one of a kind and in a league of her own. I've moved to London now, but luckily she's spitting distance from a train that goes into Marylebone, so I will continue to see her in person when I can or maybe even by phone. As a psychic tarot card clairvoyant, Charlie excells!

- Amy Gosling, Kensington, London


I contacted Chat 2 Charlie asking about Past Life Regression but, in the end, opted for a tarot card reading. I have to say she really is a very accurate Psychic. Charlie could just tell that I needed a love reading - and I have to say, it really was spot on. Don’t hesitate if you need a broken heart reading, she’s warm, compassionate and what she doesn’t know about men aint worth knowing! Thoroughly entertaining as a bonus.

- Angela, Luton, Bedfordshire


Tarot readings have never appealed to me if I’m honest, but my mum told me about Charlie and I wasn’t disappointed. I was also surprised that she offered same day psychic readings and I was able to book instantly for a card reading within just 15 minutes. It was only because of lock-down I even considered an online psychic; however, I can honestly say that having a Zoom tarot reading with Charlie was an amazing experience.

- Rita Manning, Ascot, Berkshire


I had been looking online for a famous psychic medium for a while now as an extraordinary gift for my sister’s 18th. I’d seen Charlie on TV before and booked a “double” for the two of us. Charlie was bloody hilarious! Mind bogglingly accurate, wildly entertaining and a fraction of the cost of a TV celebrity psychic.

- Amanda Barton, Moortown, Leeds


I approached Charlie by email for some psychic guidance. I 've been having some weird experiences recently. She kindly wrote me a couple of paragraphs and I knew right then that I needed to book a telephone reading. Charlie confirmed what I had been thinking, which gave me the confidence to do what I needed to. Charlie gives the best psychic advice and makes you feel as if you weren’t going crazy after all!

- Billy Davies, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire