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"So much more than just your psychic. A real-world cheerleader,a business, love and life strategist, your own emotional support worker, a spiritual advisor - or even a reality-check, ass-kicker if need be!"

Hello I'm Charlie - An award-winning, Sunday Times Best Selling Author

I don't tell you that to impress you it just happens to be a big part of what I have to offer in terms of credibility. It is my absolute passion to serve (I often work long hours) and whilst I enjoy the privilege of being one of the UK's highest ranking*, independent, psychic clairvoyant tarot card readers, I am down to earth and unashamedly passionate! I won't brag about who I am in third person terms, for me I have evolved to an understanding that true spiritual work has to be without that sort of ego. With me, what you see, is what you get!

(*Ranking based on HUNDREDS of five star reviews over several sites as well as the Free Index)

WARNING! I am not a treacley-sweet hippy chick, or one of your super-shiny, social influencer / self-professed leader types nor do I have a factory that churns out other psychics or employs others to read. I am not afraid to tell you how I see it - so if you can't handle honesty, don't chose me!

Want to know more? Why not take a look at my why me and what the press said pages...

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Fees:  My psychic reading cost the price of a (decent) ladies haircut, (starting from £50 for a shared reading or £60 for a private reading). My minimum readings are 45 minutes, sorry I don't offer shorter. Offers on 2 hour services - for when you need an in-depth session. 

FEES Diary / booking

Delivery: Your psychic tarot card reading can be delivered internationally on a PC laptop or tablet via Zoom / Skype & teams. OR Via a mobile including What's App / Facetime / Viber apps. 

I also offer a VIP style,  service to selected clients who wish to visit me in person. In-calls also by arrangement in: Berks, Herts, Sussex, Warwickshire & the Midlands, South and West Yorkshire, Lancashire.

Hours? 9am-11pm for advance bookings. If you are limited to a specific date or time - try and book as soon as you can ESPECIALLY if you want an evening, weekend or bank holiday. 

Same day bookings: Go direct to my diary page it might be possible within 15 minutes! Be warned. because of the way I operate - one minute a lot of availability  might show, and the next its all gone!

You can ask to book outside of my usual hours by prior arrangement, for example if you are in another time zone - but double rates will apply and you will need to contact me several hours before. 

Frequently asked questions

Covid in-calls update:

Only inviting existing clients and their guests (until July) but the service has changed - find out more

Let me introduce you to my personal go-to healer, Carine Evans. 

Carine is an outstanding professional and a beautiful soul. Offering Reiki. She has converted a large room in her home and trust me, it's spotless she is on the ball with the current Coronavirus situation. Love this lady x Call 07973 867272 Support your local empath, so they can continue to support you!

Some psychic chatline companies employ part-time hobbyists, recruited with very little experience, You can end up paying for flashy advertising and shareholders. Many use aggressive post-reading marketing tactics, ruthlessly focused on getting you hooked in order to extract as much money as possible, as often as possible. Charlie is an ethical, responsible, independent who works professionally full time. Serving you is her sole / soul purpose. Your patronage also supports a number of charities monthly, you can see evidence of this on her Facebook Chat 2 Charlie psychic page.