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Often available with just 15 minutes notice, 9am until midnight. Weekends & holidays may vary.

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Psychic clairvoyant tarot card readings

"So much more than just your psychic. A real-world cheerleader, a business, love and life strategist, your own emotional support worker, a spiritual advisor 

- or even a reality-check, ass-kicker if need be!"


Hello I'm Charlie - An award-winning psychic and Sunday Times Best Selling Author


I enjoy the privilege of being one of the UK's highest ranking* psychic clairvoyant card readers


 don't tell you that to impress you - it just happens to be a big part of what I have to offer in terms of credibility.

With me, what you see, is what you get and my track record can be seen all over the internet on VERIFIED sites, displaying hundreds of 5 star reviews, linked to real people, so you can be sure the reviewer has been authenticated.

Unlike most in the industry, I am fully insured and trained to deal with the vulnerable. I take ethics and responsibility seriously and I am autistic, which means I am straight talking, quirky and often have an encyclopedic mind on certain subjects. 


How do readings work?

My readings revolve around compelling story telling, using natural ability -

in a spiritually responsible manner.


At the start of your reading I will be doing all the talking, covering your past, present and future. Without telling me anything, I will see sense (clairscentience), see (clairvoyance) and just know stuff (claircogniscance). For the second part you can ask me the questions I didn't cover in the first half, on whatever subjects are important to you - such as relationships or finding love, career / business, family, spiritual and life guidance. I use beautiful, diverse cards that are similar but not the same as tarot, applying "transformational energy" - energy for a positive purpose, as well as strategy, to help you change or move forwards. The cards are only an aid, the information comes directly from myself. I don't discriminate based on disability, race, religion, gender or sexuality. Spirituality for me embraces our differences. 


What I DON'T do

I'm strongly opposed to anything that exploits people in order to extract money.

I won't make stuff up to please!


Making a living out of someones grief is not my bag. If your central focus is communication from your loved ones in the spirit world (mediumship) then I am not the right person for you. Don't get me wrong, I believe in the afterlife and spirit guides - for many years I developed and was chair at the Greater World, Leeds. I am a natural (third generation) psychic medium, but it is not something I want to base my income around. My main aim is to provide guidance to help you move forwards, not encourage anything that makes you live in the past. 

So if you ask me to try, and you are lucky enough for it to happen, then treat it as a bonus - not the main event. And don't be disappointed if you don't get what you hoped for (or put that onto me) there are churches who specialise in offering this for a donation. 

By the way, it's only me who will be doing your reading, at present I have no plans to work with anyone else...


* Ranking according to Free Index

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For up to the minute availability for a specific type of delivery (Zoom, phone, apps etc) see the diary. OR to see what might show available based on the day or time, check the hours page for a rough guide. 

Psychic Tarot Reader Buckinghamshire

BE CAREFUL! Many unscrupulous people sell generic computer generated  email reading templates (as do many Astrologers too!).


                                               Predicting Covid in 2019...



Please note I am an individual offering private readings. Some psychic chatline companies employ part-time hobbyists, recruited with very little experience, You can end up paying for flashy advertising and shareholders. Many use aggressive post-reading marketing tactics, ruthlessly focused on getting you hooked in order to extract as much money as possible, as often as possible. I strive to be an ethical, responsible, independent who works professionally, full time. Serving you is my sole / soul purpose.

Your patronage also supports a number of charities monthly, you can see evidence of this on my Facebook Chat 2 Charlie psychic page.