Chat 2 Charlie's Guarantee, Disclaimer & Refund Policy 


  1. NEVER book a reading when you feel VULNERABLE it is your responsibility to know when that is. Readings are not an alternative to formal counselling or other recovery strategies; you cannot later blame a psychic for adding to any distress - because you simply shouldn't attend under these circumstances. Terms you tick when booking, meant you agree to this before being accepted for a reading.
  2. You should not book a reading if you feel you are attending in desperation, in poor finances or delicate mental health. If you choose to do so, you cannot later blame the psychic for any subsequent issues that arise.
  3. If for any reason Charlie is unable to attend or deliver your session; you will receive a full refund via the method of payment that was received. Please note a reversal or refund will take the third-party provider several working days to process, spurious allegations of being scammed, could be met with a law suit for slander or libel. If 14 days post a refund, you have any issues please email Charlie to resolve.
  4. If Charlie feels herself that she is unable to read you, she will politely say so (this happens very rarely) then there will be no hard feelings. She will offer the refund as set out below – if you however you then decide to have the rest of the reading, you are contractually obliged to pay the full amount. Subject to the conditions set out in these terms.
  5. You enter into a contract to pay for a service based on TIME. It is not spiritual or responsible to suggest that by being charged, you have been taken advantage of. to demand a refund on the basis of accuracy - you are charged for time not content. Remember the law sees the reading only as entertainment!
  6. Don't attend expecting a refund if you don't like what you hear. Charlie is a service-based provider, not a computer - there are many variables that can affect your reading and its interpretation. Readings are not an exact science. You can only get a (partial) refund if you terminate the session within the first twenty minutes, in which case you should state kindly and calmly you do not feel the connection. You wouldn’t expect to go in a restaurant and eat three courses without complaint then ask for your money back after, you would send the starter back and go from there.
  7. If you are unhappy or confused in any way - you should say so BEFORE you leave the session in order to rectify any issues appropriately and amicably at the time. At all times, should you be unhappy, you should try to state so without expressing negative emotions. Use your head, not heart-anger or undisciplined reactions.
  8. If you constantly interrupt and break down detail, instead of waiting until it’s your time to speak or be rather forceful with your no’s, you will affect the overall energy of the reading or you will waste everyone's time. It’s perfectly acceptable to say things like “sorry but I can’t relate to that”. In some cases, Charlie may be able to retrieve the reading for you, (sometimes there are other ways of looking at things that aren’t immediately obvious). If you become emotional, defensive or even hostile, this negative, blocking attitude will hamper Charlie’s ability to read you, that would then be on you. Regardless of if you accept responsibility or not, your attitude won’t be accepted.
  9. THE REFUND will be partial to be fair to all parties and at Charlie’s discretion, if you choose to terminate the reading, you will forfeit the value of a deposit (if it’s an in call) Or with a remote reading, 50% which covers all of the software and processing fees, some of the setting up costs and just a little of Charlie’s time. VERY few psychics offer any kind of a refund or guarantee - so please be responsible and spiritual by not pushing for more. There is no obligation on Charlie’s part - you entered into a contract to pay for the time. You may feel Charlie has only sacrificed her time but that is only your truth. As a full-time self-employed person, with a busy calendar and running costs (including software, marketing, insurance, tax and other overheads). Unlike many part-time amateurs, Charlie is already taking a hit by giving you even a partial refund - please respect this and act accordingly.
  10. Negative reviews that appear in order to extort a free reading by way of a full refund (or as a result of a threat to leave one) as oppose to accepting the offer of a partial, will be responded to. In these cases, you invalidate confidentiality. If you take the cowards way out and spitefully leave an anonymous review, action will be taken to remove it. Remember, Charlie does want to keep you happy - but you have to be fair not angry.
  11. If at any point you are deemed as being vulnerable, or that you place a risk to yourself or others, Charlie may exercise the right to enforce a Duty of Care Procedure. Charlie does have a qualification in dealing with the vulnerable.
  12. You attend accepting Charlie has boundaries and limitations and that you will follow any instructions, these will be clearly set down in advance of any reading. Some readings in particular, have specific safety and setting up instructions that you will be sent once the booking is confirmed.
  13. You may record the reading but you ask permission first. You agree when ticking terms - that this is for your personal use and not digital sharing with others or public broadcast.
  14. Anyone attending sessions must be over the age of 18 and it is against spiritual law for a child to be present (even briefly) during a reading.
  15. Finally, you should accept responsibility for your own actions, judgement, free will and common sense at all times. A reading should be taken with a pinch of salt. In law - you cannot blame the psychic!




  • Where a client does not show, Charlie will sit and wait for 15 minutes only. After which the slot will be released. There will be no refund however, if things are left on good terms you may ask for a 50% discount on your next reading. Please accept responsibility for your own chaos. 
  • The reschedule deadline - four hours for any service but must be done by you online
  • To activate a reschedule: open the system email you were sent for your booking request, click make changes then reschedule. As long as you follow the timed deadlines above, there shouldn't be any need for telephone contact.



In-person bookings: 
If you have paid a deposit this will be forfeit. If you have paid in full, you still only lose the value of the deposit. 

Remotely delivered bookings: After the 4 hour deadline, you will not be refunded. If you give at least 2 or more hours notice, you can however re-book and ask for at a 50% discount within 28 days. 




You may be entitled to a refund if you take the following actions:


Did you know? You can reschedule using the "make changes" link on your email or by going onto the diary page. If you don't have a new date in mind you can process an online cancellation instead and put in the notes to hold your fee until you are ready to re-book, then when you want to re-book send me an email to let me know the new date

To be entitled to a refund you must cancel  giving no less than 4 hours notice - the sooner you cancel the better cancelling after this time may result in you losing your fee as it will be unlikely to re-sell that slot. 

* You must actually physically go into your booking and cancel it ONLINE - no calls or texts! See below for how to do this.

You will forfeit £10 in admin fees, which goes towards processing costs and card handling fees. 

The refund will not appear in your bank immediately, it takes 5-10 working days and is sent back via the secure payment system I use - STRIPE. This is beyond my control. You will get a receipt with a transaction number from the site usually within 24 hours unless I am away. 


To cancel: 

  • Open the system email you were sent for your booking request
  • Click make changes then cancel. Please remember if there is less than 4 hours to go, the system will not allow you to do this.
  • As long as you follow the timed deadlines below, there shouldn't be any need for telephone contact as your fee will be refunded and you will get notification within 24 hours.
  • Please note: Stripe, (the company processing your fee) may take 3-5 working days to put the money back into your account. 
  • Please understand I have to go into the system personally and initiate this process for you, so whilst this is often done within 24 hours, if I am busy or away, this may take longer. 



Last updated 19/01/22