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A slot cancelled or rescheduled outside of deadlines, usually cannot be resold. 

please accept these terms in a spiritually responsible manner.


For the system to work for you, myself and other clients; conditions and deadlines must be in place.

1a) When you don't show - unless I hear from you in advance, you will be given 15 minutes after which you slot will be released. There will be no refund however, if things are left on good terms you may ask for a 50% discount on your next reading. Please understand I am self-employed, so you must accept responsibility. 

1b)  Reschedule deadlines: 

* Single bookings 4 hours before

* Double bookings 12 hours before
* Parties of 3 or more can only be rescheduled up to 24 hours in advance, as this causes considerable inconvenience.

* Tea parties - should also give 48 hours warning, as this causes considerable inconvenience and expense. 

To activate a reschedule: open the system email you were sent for your booking request, click make changes then reschedule. As long as you follow the timed deadlines above, there shouldn't be any need for telephone contact.


In-person bookings:
If you have paid a deposit this will be forfeit. If you have paid in full, you still only lose the value of the deposit. 

Skype bookings: After the deadlines (as shown above), you will not be refunded. You can however re-book at a 50% discount within 28 days. 


You may be entitled to a refund if you take the following actions:

* Did you know? You can reschedule a booking using the "make changes" link on your email or by going onto my app on the diary page. If you don't have a new date in mind you can process an online cancellation instead and put in the notes to hold your fee until you are ready to re-book, then when you re-book submit the booking without payment and put in the notes you have a payment on file

* To be entitled to a refund you must cancel  giving no less than 24 hours notice - the sooner you cancel the better (someone else may need your slot) 

* OR within one hour of making your booking as long as the reschedule times stated above are adhered to in order for the slot to be resold. 

* You must actually physically go into your booking and cancel it ONLINE - no calls or texts! (Go to your ONLINE booking, either via the "make changes" on any system email or via my diary page) then place in  the notes you wish to apply for a refund. Please understand I have to go into the system personally and initiate this process for you, so whilst this is often done within 24 hours, if I am busy or away, this may take longer. 

* You will forfeit £10 in admin fees, which goes towards processing costs and card handling fees. 

* The refund will not appear in your bank immediately, it takes 5-10 working days and is sent back via the secure payment system I use - STRIPE. This is beyond my control. You will get a receipt with a transaction number from my site usually within 24 hours unless I am away. 

If you attempt to cancel after the deadlines has passed, you will not be entitled to a full refund 

This is because, your slot is unlikely to be resold. In this situation you will be subject to the same terms as set out in paragraph 2. 

To cancel: Open the system email you were sent for your booking request, click make changes then cancel. As long as you follow the timed deadlines below, there shouldn't be any need for telephone contact as your fee will be refunded and you will get notification within 24 hours. Please note: Stripe, (the company processing your fee) may take 3-5 working days to put the money back into your account.