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Are you are intuitive? 

How often do you trust your intuition?


Do you know what intuitive means?

what does an intuitive do?







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An intuitive person is someone who may sense, see, hear, feel or simply just know things, that others do not, including perhaps an innate ability to process sensory data including tangible and intangible stimuli. All of us are intuitive to one degree or another, but for the intuitive it is on an extremely deep emotional, physical, or spiritual level. As early humans, when we lived in caves and hunted, we relied heavily on abilities that are based on intuition, which some may define as psychic ability. This is often referred to as having a "sixth sense". Being Clairvoyant, is simply one branch of those senses, more of that later. 

How intuitive are YOU?

An intuitive -
* Might use a wide variety of ways to tap into things others do not experience
* May seek the meaning in underlying pattern of events in order to see signs or make sense of them
* Could make predictions based on data gathered unconsciously or that may make no logical sense and yet somehow to them, just feels right
* Trusts their instincts or gut-feelings even when it is hard to explain why

If you believe you are intuitive, it's important to establish strong personal boundaries. It can become overwhelming to feel things on such an intense level. Being intuitive brings with it a level of moral and ethical responsibility. What your intuition tells you and how to use it can be vastly different things. How you deliver that information or even process it, is a real minefield and one that cannot be taken lightly. For example, it is vital not to invade another person's privacy. Being intuitive can be a gift, but ultimately can also be very challenging. 

Ask yourself these key questions: how intuitive really are you? How can you develop your intuition and - what do you want to do with your intuition?


Are cats intuitive? Do dogs have intuition? 

Animals are naturally intuitive. They are given instincts to survive in the wild, like we said earlier, neanderthal man originally did the same in order to survive, hunt and gather. 



Can intuitive knowledge be considered as knowledge? 

Does “scientific intuition” exist?


Scientific intuition is an oxymoron - science is by definition IS not based A hunch

However it could be argued that scientific intuition does exist because science is often advanced based on our imagination. Consider the fiction of the scifi movies of yesterday which can sometimes predict accurately, the scientific discovery of today.


An empath



is someone who is a bright shiny light or beacon to others. Many empaths treat others in a way that they would wish to be treated but sadly do not always get treated with the same respect in return. Whilst an empath FEELS everything - they also can find it challenging to distinguish between what are their own emotions and what are those of other people. For example, they may suddenly and for no reason pick up a pain in their ankle, only to discover they are picking up on their partners pain without realising it. Many empaths make themselves vulnerable and also end up attracting psychic vampires who drain their energy so it is imperative that if you know you are an empath you protect yourself. But perhaps you are asking yourself, are intuitive empaths real? Well put it this way, if you know you are one, then you have the answer!


Which intuitive sense do you use most often? 

These may include:


Clairvoyance, clairscentience, clairaudience and claircognisance.



What does Clairvoyant mean? / What is the definition of a clairvoyant? What are clairvoyant abilities? 


How do you know when you have the gift of clairvoyance? Have you ever asked yourself, how clairvoyant am I?


Most intuitive ability, manifests from the right side of the brain where your creative and imagination side exists. This side also seeds mental images, lights, and shapes. Clairvoyance can begin as seeing colours, swirls of light, or even start as being able to see faces in your mind's eye. In general, clairvoyance is thought to be a much more lucid form of inner vision than imagination. 


Clairvoyance is a French word that means “Clear Seeing.” It’s a psychic ability, the intuitive 6th Sense, and the subtle perception that allows us to see energy.


Have you been asking yourself whether or not you might be clairvoyant? Do you have intense or vivid dreams that when you are awake make you feel as if you need to explore their meaning or that might be pointing you to something or someone? As a clairvoyant, you may see different colored lights around people who you come in contact with at home, work, or in public. These are the visual manifestations of auric fields, which are composed of electromagnetic energies. They contain a lot of information about people’s lives and will help you understand how they are feeling.



How do you develop as a clairvoyant? Clairvoyant how to develop. Develop as a clairvoyant for the soul!

Clairvoyant, how to tell if you are. Clairvoyant, empath or psychic, which abilities do you have?


To learn more about what an image means, you may:
1. Meditate on it – Allow your mind to focus on the image. Take very deep inhales and exhales and allow your breathe to resonate with your mind. You mind will then tell you what an image means.

2. Ask your Spirit Guides – If you have Spirit Guides ask them what the image meant. Ask the angels to shed light into your vision.

3. Ask the person you’re reading for – Sometimes, an image may not mean anything to you or you cannot make anything out of it but the person you are reading for may know about it. Like for example you see a necklace and may not know what it is about but when you mention it to your sitter, he or she can immediately understand what it means.


How to strengthen your clairvoyant abilities.

There are dozens of ways in which you can improve your psychic ability, here are some top tips according to one leading site.

Develop DAILY. Walk and talk in the light! Embrace a complete way of spiritual life. 
1. Meditate DAILY! This is the number one way in which to free your mind for development, try using an app such as Calm or Headspace. Don't expect to "empty your mind" at first, all you have to do is turn up and listen.
2. Live your life without drama, find the inner peace and above all remember - spiritual is as spiritual does.
2. Have you ever wondered, how do you become a psychic medium and speak with the spirit world? Mediumship is direct contact with loved ones on a spiritual realm. In order to do this you must understand this is a very serious genre in the wrong hands and sadly many can do more harm than good. So it is important that if you decide you want to become a psychic medium
Many people find a development circle useful however it's always best to ensure its organised and structured - a circle organised by a lone psychic can have it's pro's and cons, whereas one within a church or institute may have more formal, ethical and responsible guidelines and practices. You have to learn not just to develop but to protect yourself AND others.


1. Believe in Yourself
Negative thoughts hinder psychic abilities. However long it takes, just have faith and stay upbeat. You will meet your goals in time. Find inspiration whenever and wherever you can. Read stories about others who honed their psychic abilities, and keep learning ways to follow in their footsteps. Let go of any skepticism you have. Allow yourself to trust in your own natural power, as well as the power of the supernatural. Anything less than 100% effort is unacceptable. There is no room for doubt during your spiritual ventures.
2. Take Time to Relax
To fall into a deep state of relaxation, most people meditate or breathe slowly while concentrating on nothingness. Not only does it clear your mind, but meditation actually changes brain wave patterns. This decreases metabolic rate and relieves tension. It has cured hypertension and improved heart health. Meditation also temporarily alters the prefrontal cortex, allowing for better mental performance and even boosting energy levels – exactly what people need in order to get in touch with the spiritual side of life. Release your stress. Just breathe.
3. Resolve Differences Between You and Those Around You
People cannot be in tune with their mystic gifts unless they are at peace with themselves and others. Avoid fighting in general, and be quick to resolve conflict in your life. Learn to argue constructively, working toward a final resolution. Merely trying to hurt each other in anger only makes a problem worse. Meditating is more difficult when you have the burden of personal drama on your shoulders; how in the world can you clear your head?
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4. Do Not Misuse Your Psychic Abilities for Personal Gain
Your service meant to help people. You have to make the choice to use them for good. People who become selfish with their special skills tend to lose them. For example, if you bet money after psychically predicting who will win boxing matches, prepare to forfeit your spiritual talents. Power like this is not given to anyone for winning money or anything of the sort. Always consider whether or not you’re using your abilities for the collective good.
5. Overcome Your Fears
Psychic contact and other supernatural phenomena can be frightening, but fear hinders abilities even more than negativity. If you want to get in touch with your spiritual side, you can’t be afraid of the consequences. You may foresee new things when you least expect it. That’s part of the experience, so embrace the gift you have been given. Think of all the good you can do with this kind of power and it might not seem so scary.
6. Maintain a Positive Attitude at All Times
Do whatever you need to in order to feel content with your life. This might mean taking time out for yourself every once in a while or finding a hobby that you enjoy. It all boils down to what keeps a smile on your face. Stress and negativity get in the way of complete relaxation, which will help turn your focus to the supernatural. You must feel free spiritually before you can improve your psychic abilities; you have to let go of your worries before moving into a deeper state of consciousness.
7. To Improve Your Psychometry Skills, Find Objects with a History You Don’t Know
Touch these objects until you get strong feelings. Really try to connect with their past. Concentrate for as long as you need to. Can you feel anything about the history of the items or their owners? Don’t force your visions. Just touch the item and feel your way through the exercise. Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself. Steer clear of frustration when you feel nothing. This is bound to happen sometimes; not every object has an interesting story behind it.
8. To Hone Your Remote Viewing Abilities, Expand Your Imagination
Remote viewing is the psychic ability to visit places mentally without being there physically. Practice by imagining each place you plan on visiting the next day. Anything from the grocery store or your friends’ houses will work. Imagine you are at that location before going to sleep. Note the people, objects, and colors you see in your dream. Take note of which ones match when you actually go there and look around. Write down your dreams to keep them fresh in your mind.
9. Strengthen Your Telepathy by Trying to Read Others’ Thoughts
You can also communicate your thoughts to others in complete silence. Practice by guessing what people are thinking whenever possible. Have someone draw pictures or select random playing cards. Then figure out what that person is drawing or which card was drawn from the deck, but without any clues. Keep doing these kinds of exercises daily. Telepathy will take deep concentration at first, and can take years to develop, but it becomes easier and more reliable with time and practice.
10. Practice
When you feel as though you’ve tried everything, with little or no success, go back and make sure you have been following every piece of advice offered here. Anything worth having is worth earning, so practice wherever you go. It might take really hard work before you hone your skills to perfection. Even if they don’t develop for years, trust that they will eventually surface. Believe in yourself! Finally, remember that psychic abilities are given to those who deserve them, and they can be taken away just as easily. Always use your gifts for the greater good of all. 



Perhaps you want to know if you are clairaudient or what clairaudience means?

You also have the option to talk to Charlie about clairvoyancy and psychic readings during your reading. 

Maybe you want to know if you are Claircognisant? or what Claircognisant means.

Have you ever wondered what is a clairscentient or what clairscentience means?
who generally has a feel or a sense for something.

Maybe you want to know, how a reading works and terminology. 


These are all questions that may lead you on a journey into the unknown, your very own path of personal, spiritual and psychic development. 

 You can always talk to Chat 2 Charlie during your reading, about your clairvoyant dreams and clairvoyant development.



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