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Tarot cards have been used since the 15th century in various places in Europe, with the word ‘tarot’ deriving from the Italian word ‘tarrochi’. Mysteriously, it’s not known exactly what this word meant. Much like the origins of tarot card reading itself, it’s shrouded in mystery.


The earliest evidence of a tarot deck being used for cartomancy (telling somebody’s fortune by interpreting random cards) is from the 1750s. This is an anonymous text which documents the divinatory meanings for the cards.


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Charlie 2 Charlie is ideal for anybody looking to have a tarot card reading by a top psychic. Charlie can deliver your psychic reading either in person or over Skype. Charlie is renowned for being an empathetic and skilled tarot card clairvoyant reader, dedicated to giving you the most accurate and entertaining reading possible. Her booking system makes it possible for you to check her availability at any time instantly. 


Whilst Charlie wants you to enjoy your tarot card reading she is also ethical and encourages clients to remember not all readings are 100% accurate. 

If anything you feel uncertain about does arise, it’s important to take it with a grain of salt. Charlie can help predict any changes that might be awaiting you. Her readings are intensely detailed and always great value for money. She always wants you to leave feeling on a positive note.
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