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This is website is NOT for a psychic phone line - I’m an independent psychic medium & tarot card reader who works PRIVATELY. There are no shareholders here. No flashy adverts, Just a transparent flat fee for time. Some of the top psychics in the UK have switched from reading personally, to running psychic lines, it can be a very lucrative industry...



One of the reasons private psychics are often blown out of the Google search water by big lines is because the big companies charge large amounts and spend tens of thousands of pounds on sites, SEO and marketing. They can be ruthless money-making machines. Also, independent psychics often aren’t always business or money minded, they may work part time or have a somewhat casual set-up - meaning that you can’t always organise a reading instantly or at short notice – something we all have become used to in today’s society. 

In order to serve full-time, I had to get over my fear of charging. It’s a controversial subject in spiritual circles however you have to get the balance right: sell the time not the end result, gift the empathy and go above and beyond, promote the brand not the ego and importantly yes to give – but in my case I do this via various charity donations rather than reading for just anyone for free. More about the charging debate here.

You only have to go onto sites such as “Net Mums” to see endless conversations about people who usually go to psychics in person but who (usually at a time of desperation) took a gamble on one of the big company phone psychic readings. In one such conversation I read how someone had felt gullible and sucked in and that in future she would go to someone private and reputable or recommended.
What’s horrifying about the way some of telephone psychic companies operate, is the way they actually actively recruit people with little to no experience. Most lines don’t ever meet their staff in person, they just act as an agent and allow anyone with no testing or interviewing ever taking place to assess competence. Many of the operators don’t use their real names during your telephone tarot card reading – obvious stage names hide their identity which should always be a big red flag. 

Here’s an extract from one telephone clairvoyant blog I found
"The main thrust of the job entailed keeping clients on the phone for as long as possible. Some lonely, needy or desperate person could pay a LOT of money for a chat. Too many sad sacks had racked up thousands in phone bills they would never be able to pay… The company lured callers with the promise of three free minutes, but as soon as they heard the beep, the meter started… The company also suggested that I create fake name and a persona to go with it”


One night I made a huge error of judgement myself.

I should have known better but I had been drinking red, red wine. There had been many changes in my life recently and I had become confused and what with the added element of wine in my system suddenly I decided a) a reading couldn’t wait and b) it would be the “brave” thing to do. Now I realise I was just plain stupid. Any psychic knows reading for yourself is a big no-no, after all knowledge is the biggest barrier to correct interpretation. What I should have done is waited until I was sober and gone to see someone with a proven-track record for excellent tarot or psychic medium readings. But no, I went and did it, I rang one of the big companies for my telephone psychic reading psychic and almost instantly regretted it.

The company had an all singing and dancing website with the tagline “know your future today” and boasted of being the UK’s most trusted psychic service. I chose a reader from the active profiles that I could see online. It was the early hours of the morning and whilst the main line connected instantly, I then had to enter the pin for my choice, then there was a long telling wait for the clairvoyant to pick up the phone at their end – and she had clearly been sleeping. I always smile at Judge Judy on TV when she snaps “erm is not an answer” suddenly I wasn’t smiling so much because this word was being used every minute or so (and without any interruption from me). She also didn’t seem to be able to tell me anything without asking a question first and also tried to spend time offering a friendly chat rather than a reading. From my own point of view, I had expected my telephone tarot card reading to be full of predicitons and insights. Whilst I accept the law states readings are for entertainment purposes, the authentic content, just wasn't there.  


I probably should have applied for a refund for my telephone psychic phone reading, but to be honest I just wrote it off as a stupid mistake I should learn from because seriously, I really should have known better. But then the fun and games really started. The company wouldn’t take their hooks out of me! I became bombarded with communications and offers including emails, a phone call and even letters and leaflets coming through the post. I was HORRIFIED! What if, for whatever reason, I had wanted to keep my reading a secret from a partner? If I learned anything its don't ring a psychic line when you have had a drink and don't put having a reading as quickly as possible ahead of getting the right psychic reader for you.



I’m around most days 9am-midnight, most days - including weekends and bank holidays, this is my LIFE not my “job”. 

I have a state-of-the-art booking system which updates constantly and alerts my mobile to your requests, so I never miss a booking. You can check my diary and book your telephone tarot reading very easily. I also offer tarot card online readings via Zoom or Skype.

Reviews are important but how do you know if you can trust them?

A lot of amateur sites have reviews mentioned on their pages yet when you do a reverse search you can’t find them anywhere. Anyone can make up a review, you need reviews that are verified or linked to clients. Many of my reviews are on sites such as Facebook and Google which require the client to authenticate them. You can also follow my posts (and charity donations) on Facebook, my poems on Instagram and my news on Twitter.

Finally here are two important points from my own legal disclaimer:

NEVER book a reading when you feel VULNERABLE - readings are not an alternative to formal counselling or other recovery strategies, you cannot later blame a psychic for adding to any distress because you shouldn't attend under these circumstances.
You should not book a reading if you feel you are attending in desperation, in poor finances or delicate mental health. If you choose to do so, you cannot later blame the psychic for any subsequent issues that arise.