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Messages From The Universe


April 15th 2019 -

a date I will never forget.


Five years ago, something so spooky yet devastating, hit like a truck, and the energy had a powerful, lasting legacy for many of my clients at the time.


Like everyone else, I gasped when I switched on the TV that day, and saw an horrific fire consume the tower of the world-famous Notre Dame.


Tower card came alive

At the same time, but for different reasons, I was also paralysed by shock. I instantly connected the event, to the fact that for months, I’d been having one tarot card universally trending in every psychic reading; The Tower (of destruction - as I call it).


The Tower tarot card image in my deck, features a Gothic cathedral with its tower on fire, one that is built on an ancient Roman Temple. Exactly like Notre Dame.

so I asked the universe - What does it all mean?

The answer came partly as I watched Macron when he said

“We got the people out.

We got the relics out.

We will rebuild”


The fire rips through, but it also cleanses.

In my mind, this cancelled out the noise that one reason money should not be "wasted" on a rebuild, was due to toxic people and events that some felt had occurred, this energy had now been spiritually wiped clean.

For one client, it meant, despite personal devastation, a path had now cleared. 


There is loss. Often even a healthy section has to be cut away to stop the fire burning.

A part of the cathedral that was not burning, had to be sacrificed to stop further damage. And sadly one client, who I'd begged to have a mamogram, had now returned with news that she'd had to have a double mastectomy to stop the spread of cancer. 


Revelations of foundations may be revealed and explored 

Archaeologists were now able to excavate the site for the first time in centuries. As a psychic medium, I find this most interesting, because of course many christian buildings were put on these sites to stamp out other spiritual beliefs, I often sense the energy beneath places like this. 

But in one beloved regular's case, just as I had predicted in her tarot card reading, that as a result of a tragic event, exciting new adventures began, including the discovery of a famous relative. 


Then there is a new dawn.

We don’t ever forget the trauma that ignited or the damage done.

But we must move on. And five years on? The rebuild is well on its way. 

eclipse energy

Surrounded by crazy chaos energy? Nothing going right? You’re not alone! With both an eclipse AND Mercury retrograde…

International Day of Pink 

April 9th is International Day of Pink


All over the world, everyone is encouraged to embrace diversity, on this special day each year.  


What is spirit?


What is spirit?

Well in this context I’m not referring to booze or a type of vinegar! It’s the thing religious people, refer to as the soul. 



April spotlight

Aleister Crowley


The Book of the Law, by Aleister Crowley,
was written between the 8th to 10th of April 1904. Whilst Aleister was on his honeymoon in a fashionable area of Cairo.


If you don’t know who the author is, you are missing an incredible treat and I’d recommend you taking a peek at him on Wiki; which lists him as an English occultist, philosopher, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist and mountaineer. Essentially, he was someone from a priviledged background, who inherited money to travel and explore. He was also a member of the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” an occultist organisation.  


He’s often been parodied for his involvement in using his status and money for dressing up, mystical societies and performing ceremonies. Pretty much a back-drop for indulging in a hedonistic combination, of drug fuelled, wild sex with both genders. This may not be a big deal today, but let’s face it, Russel Brand or David Ike, seem like saints compared to this guy! 



How do you handle it?


April 6th is National Sorry Charlie Day.

A subject that comes up often in my psychic readings, is rejection. It’s not uncommon for a client to ask why someone has rejected them. It could be from relationships, job interviews or even society.


Often a tarot card reading can help us move through these feelings...



somewhere over the rainbow

Think about the beautiful spiritual symbolism the rainbow stands for.


When beloved pets pass, we call it “going over the rainbow bridge”. The rainbow flag, is also synonymous with both peace and gay pride. The 3rd of April is National Rainbow day...


As a psychic reader, and someone who is super gay friendly and adores all diversity, I'd love to explore more on this topic with you!

april - Autism Month

Autism is a subject close to my own heart. My step son has various disabilities, one of which is severe autism. And at 30, I was diagnosed as ASD1 (what use to be called High Functioning Aspergers). Often people say “we are all a little bit autistic” that ignorance comes from the idea that we are the sum of the well-known traits. My own spin on this, is that some of the traits are present in most people but more extreme in those with autism.


I also can't help wondering if people who neurodivergent are more inclined to be more sensitive and therefore psychic...