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Existing clients (& guests) from Mon 19th April. 

Thank you to everyone who showed me the most heartfelt support during my cancer treatment last year...

Thankfully I am currently in remission, but my immune system remains compromised. So regretfully I need to keep in-calls to a minimum. Hence, I have taken the difficult decision, to only only offer in-person services of a 2 hour minimum.. I am truly sorry if this does not suit you. Services of less time are still available, with shorter notice and more availability via Zoom, Skype, Teams, What's App, Viber and phone.. The rates for two hour services have not increased.

You must NOT attend if you are even slightly unwell on the day! Your deposit will be lost if you do not postpone 4 hours in advance. So make your decision in time!
Reschedules should be done online using the "make changes" button on your confirmation email. Premises will be Covid-safe, until government guidelines change). 

Reading for Stevie Ritchie. (X-Factor & Big Brother) 

- see what he said on my reviews page!


PLEASE BEAR IN MIND the content itself does not last two hours, around 90 or so minutes - the time you book covers tea, chatting, entering, leaving etc. 

A service delivered service may suit you better if you feel you don't want to invest in the social aspect!


Minimum notice required 4 hours. Availability may vary. 

This is a VIP style service my choice of over 30 teas, black, green & herbal - still available! But sadly a hug or a hand shake is off the menu for now : (

Payment: Pay in cash on the day (this will require a deposit by card or PayPal, which can be refunded or taken as part payment). Or should you prefer, your entire booking by card / bank transfer ahead. Your money will be returned to you in full, if for any reason I am unable to serve. 

Deposits are refundable under certain circumstances and can also be deferred to different dates where needed. But as before, they will be forfeit if you do not cancel or postpone within the four hour minimum. 

In-calls will have LIMITED hours Compared to remote services. 

Evenings, weekends and holidays, will book fast book in advance if you can. 

Mon-Wed: 10am-4pm (last booking 2pm-4pm)

Late night opening Thursdays: 10am-10pm (last booking 8-10pm)

Friday: 10am-6pm (last booking 4-6pm)

Sat: Choose from either 10am-12noon OR 6pm-8pm

Sun: Between 4pm-8pm only 

Outside of these hours can be requested in advance. 

Remote readings are often available 9am-midnight 7 days a week