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Often available with just 15 minutes notice, 9am until midnight. Weekends & holidays may vary.

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Due to my forthcoming marriage, I will be closed for four weeks, from the 1st of September and re-opening around the 28th.

During this time, I will not be replying to emails, and booking will not be possible either. 

If you would like a booking for early October, these dates will show in August. Thanks for your understanding!



Love and light, Charlie


ps photo was taken on the Greek island of Kythera where Darren proposed! We have been together a decade so there was no rushing ha!


Charlie and Darren

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Sunday Times BEST SELLING AUTHOR & Coach

As a former inspirational speaker and campaigner, one who turned her own life around, Charlie is well equipped to assist you without judgment. 


One of the things Charlie offers is "Write Your Life Right" - writing, coaching and healing all rolled into one transformational session!

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Charlie is one of the highest ranking, independent, UK psychic clairvoyant readers 

Hundreds of verified 5 star reviews on Facebook, Google, Free Index and Yell. 


"A mind-blowing, spine-tingling, accurate-beyond-belief , clairvoyant card reading" (Facebook review)

Psychic Readings

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Personal & spiritual DEVELOPMENT

Mental Magic: brain-training for over thinkers. Ideal for those with anxiety and depression. Involves hypnotherapy, meditation and healing.


Past Life Regression - who were you in a former life? Make sense of your past lives so you can move forward.

Other Services

A unique coach for your Business / Career or love 

Coaching for those who want to run or improve specific aspects of their life.

Using a combination of psychic ability, knowledge and inspirational strategy - within the framework of a clairvoyant card reading.

Career Coaching Relationships