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Often available with just 15 minutes notice, 9am until midnight. Weekends & holidays may vary.

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"So much more than just your psychic. A real-world cheerleader, a business, love and life strategist, your own emotional support worker, a spiritual advisor - or even a reality-check, ass-kicker if need be!"

Hello I'm Charlie - An award-winning, Sunday Times Best Selling Author 

It is my absolute passion to serve, I often work long hours and whilst I enjoy the privilege of being one of the UK's highest ranking*, independent, psychic clairvoyant tarot card readers, I am down to earth and unashamedly passionate! 

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Psychic Reading Fees

1 person x 45 mins - 1hr

£60 Via Zoom, Skype or Teams 
£65 Via What's App / Viber

£75 Telephone Reading 

£65 Telephone Special - max 45 mins, (Noon-8pm only)

Combination: Psychic Reading PLUS Mental Magic / Past Life Regression

1 Person x 2 hours Via Zoom / Skype / Teams: £120

Available by laptop, tablet or PC, not mobiles

Double Session - My best value deal

2 hours. 1-2 persons. £50 per hour - £100 total

Available by laptop, tablet or PC but not telephones On Zoom, Skype or Teams

Either for one person in need of intensive support, wishing to explore multiple / complex issues OR 2 people can share the time together or privately

If choosing to appear by webcam during your reading... 

Please use a laptop or PC where possible. If you must use a mobile or tablet, you must use a stand fixed to a floor-based table or desk. 

There will be some important setting up guidelines to follow, in order to get you the best possible reading.