Before you pick up the phone - please take a moment - booking by phone costs more and takes longer

* My phone often goes straight to voicemail anyway. You could hang up and ring back but why bother when you can book online INSTANTLY. Check it out, you might be able to book for within the next 15 minutes! Everything you need to know is on this site - if you spoke to me I would have to simply waste time repeating it besides which there are decisions only you can make. 

* I read full time 10am-10pm sometimes seven days a week that's a LOT of hours, I am passionate about serving but the last thing I want to do is handle dozens of texts, calls, admin or stress on the few hours I do try to relax or meditate! This means I come fresh to every reading and work long hours without being drained. Also be aware, some amateur psychics use your call to go "fishing",

* When you make a booking via phone, I still have to book and take payment using the same software that my other clients use or my system doesn't work.

* I understand you may not like technology or have your own limitations, unfortunately so do I! If ringing around and finding someone who books you in manually is more important than connecting with me personally, then I am not the right person to read for you.


Bookings made by telephone are charged at £100 per hour - far more than those booked online because of the extra time it takes. If you feel unable to pay this or secure an online booking, why not ask someone to assist you. 

Still determined to book manually? 

If you insist on speaking to me over the phone, please don't take offence if I seem abrupt (I have a learning disability called Aspergers, and no, this isn't an excuse - it means I am prickly over the phone!, It has taken me years to become confident doing readings over the phone, enquiries are a different matter and given this site is so comprehensive, mostly unnecessary..

So I really do prefer it if you could spend your time looking at the basics and booking online, To book by phone call 07855495451.. No texts or What'sapp please.

Many Blessings Charlie

Those asking for free advice or promoting sales, are advised to send an email through my system but note I am sorry, I do not guarantee a reply.