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​Psychic readings when you are single and looking!

Are you looking to find that special someone to love? Are you searching for the right person to share your life with? Perhaps you are even wondering if you will get married and have a family? Or maybe you are simply looking to meet a partner for some simple companionship. 

A tarot reading can give you insights on everything from a first date, dating tips to potential compatibility with the person you just met, it can show you the way ahead when you are feeling stuck with your single lot. Does Mr Right (or MRS!) even exist? Have you been let down by so called "Love Psychics" or "clairvoyant relationship experts" on large, organised corporate psychic lines? Maybe there are spiritual blockages or patterns that need exploring. A reading could help you understand how the law of attraction can apply to relationships, how to decipher chemistry and of course the questions of soulmates or twin flames. It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight or undecided, at some point most of us will crave both love and touch...

When single: A tarot card reading can sometimes assist by taking your forwards into the future, showing you were you might be or freewill choices you have in order to take control over your own destiny. In some circumstances you will meet people who are not right for you or just not right for you, right now. Sometimes of course, destiny might show that someone special is on the horizon, giving you hope to move forward, but even when that

is not the case it may simply show that there are reasons why this cannot be, work you have to do or other soul purpose events ahead and give you the insight so you can go with the flow of the universe. Single spiritual people can sometimes attract people who are in the dark, like a moth to the flame and this can suck your energy or you may find yourself giving your power away – maybe you have a cycle you keep repeating of meeting someone romantic but then ending up as a care giver - doing all the giving and getting little in return. 

Will I meet my soul mate is a question often asked. Do you know what a soulmate actually is? Our words and thinking are so powerful they can manifest what we seek in the heart but they can also give rise to wanting to believe so much we create illusions. Another frequently asked question is will I hear or see this person again, is he or she coming back? Will I see them again? Unrequited love and the modern day phenomena of "ghosting" are often topics that can arise in a single persons reading. 

A reading with Chat 2 Charlie has its emphasis on transformation, in other words, it could highlight the obstacles and patterns in your love life and help you to break those chains so that you can recognise these emotional pitfalls earlier and be your own psychic, confidentially predicting similar situations that trigger your own intuition ahead of negative events and thus protecting yourself and avoiding more of the same pain in the future. Chat 2 Charlie is your own personal psychic love coach, and she's an independent with a proven-track record.

If you feel the need, you can have the focus of a tarot card reading on just love and relationships but as a natural clairvoyant, Chat 2 Charlie can also pick up on other subjects you might want to know about such as family or career.

Readings are available by Skype and telephone – often at short notice, 10am-10pm most days including weekends and some holidays. You can also visit Chat 2 Charlie in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. If you wish to visit in person, Charlie is based in Great Missenden, Bucks. LONDON is just one 40-minute train from Marylebone and Chat 2 Charlie is conveniently located opposite the station. Parts of Beds, Berks and Herts and Oxfordshire are just 30-40 minutes away. There are also direct trains from Aylesbury and Amersham which are both just minutes away. Trains are operated by Chiltern Railways.

Charlie Daniels, aka Chat 2 Charlie, is an award-winning, Sunday Times best-selling author and psychic life guide. Charlie works with transformational energy – giving you the tools to positively change your own life.

Tarot card readings and psychic services, are not a substitute for trained psychotherapists, if you have been told you need professional help for sexual or psychological abuse, or are suffering from trauma you should seek professional help. You should never have a reading when you are in poor finances, feel vulnerable or have a mental illness.

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