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​What is a clairvoyant reading? Does it involve tarot cards?

Many clairvoyants don’t need any physical tools, and often spiritual light workers consider tarot cards as pagan fortune telling (I’m not being negative when I say that, it’s simply an observation). Alongside natural abilities such as clairvoyance, I use the cards in a spiritual manner in or­der to help people transform their lives positively. 

So, we have two words to think about here being a CLAIRVOYANT and the action of CLAIRVOYANCE. “I am a clairvoyant and I have clairvoyance”

So back to school for a moment (I know groan, please forgive me!) and let’s start with a French lesson. Quite simply clair is French for clear and voyant “seeing” or voyance "vision" – in other words, to SEE clearly and have clarity. 

It is also another way of saying second sight or sixth sense. Many religions have stories that involve people having such gifts and the inference being that those gifts come from a higher power or God, personally I believe it is more to do with energy and the spirit world (and yes for years I searched many different religions on a quest to get  answers). 

For myself I find the tarot cards are not quite a theatrical prop, but they only add to the reading they are not the reading itself. Not only do I not need the cards, but I sometimes know which tarot cards I am going to pull next. I use them because it gives the client something interesting (and more attractive!) to focus on and let’s be honest, it does make the time more entertaining. Within my own style of reading the cards serve another role, a visual aid for presenting coping strategies. Psychics aren’t thereto tell you what to do but as I work with transformational (turning it around) energy, I am able to deliver your clairvoyant reading in this unique way. This means I can show you different ways to look at or approach things so that as well as insight, you can come up with your own solutions where applicable. I’m not aware of any other psychics that do this, and it forms part of my own soul purpose. If you are interested in more about why, read my "Why Charlie" page, it will become abundantly clear. 

Anyone can buy a deck of cards and learn the generic values, but using logic is like having a random pile or words and having to put them responsibly into the correct order and just think about texting, how much trouble we get into when missing out a word or when predictive text goes wrong! So this is where the clairvoyance comes in. The cards will present you with the past, the present and the future, it is the gift of a clairvoyant that helps untangle what relevance the information has on our spiritual growth and moving forwards. You will also have a chance to ask any questions on topics not covered, matters of family, relationships or finding love, health, finances, career and more. 

Clairvoyance is an art form, it's basically where the psychic sits and talks to you whilst "seeing" things (hence "the seer"). It's not about making spurious dramatic predictions that shock. Whilst many have natural ability, at varying levels – it is something that must be developed, nurtured and maintained. Many psychics have plenty of natural ability but may never have had any guidance on boundaries or ethics, they may tell you something is destiny – in other words set in stone, but not every fart is written in the wind! A good clairvoyant will know the difference between what cards shown indicate destiny and what might be a freewill choice. Think about if someone were to ask you, “when will I lose weight?” Most of the time the spirit world won’t care about your size, so unless you are going to be ill (and let’s hope not!) then surely its down to if you give up cake / wine or take up exercise or other plans of action - not every question will have a definitive answer but some freewill choices may still result in an end result that IS destiny… 

By the way there are several other types of ability that begin with the word clair and I will cover those later in another blog. 

When you need crystal clear clarity, when you need to shine a guiding light in dark corners then consider booking a psychic reading with me, it will combine all of the natural abilities I’ve just mentioned, you can have it with
or without cards. I also offer mediumship (spirit communication, but that’s a whole other blog). You can also see my psychic readings page where you will find a video intro. 

Many blessings, Charlie 

Chat 2 Charlie, is a psychic medium offering same day, clairvoyant tarot card readings via Skype, telephone or in person.

Charlie is based in Buckinghamshire just 30 minutes from most parts of Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. Charlie conveniently lives opposite the Great Missenden railway station with direct links from London Marylebone. Check out her many verified reviews.

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