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A weekend away and visit to Avebury Ancient Stone Circle.

Technology can be both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes we just need to ditch it all and go back to nature...

In terms of medical and scientific breakthrough’s rapidly moving technology can be essential but often the one worrying trend I’m finding is how disconnected we all become because of our mobile phones. Look around you when in public, in any café people are staring at phones not talking to each other, people can’t view a concert without doing it behind their phone and are busy messaging in between watching and how many text-zombies do you meet on the street? Now we are even developing 5G which may have an impact we may regret, but more about that another time. 

It can also be difficult to switch off. Personally, I make myself available 7 days a week, yes I take off time when I need to but my diary has an 84 hour window in which I’m always processing booking from my app (and people wonder why I don’t take enquiries and bookings over the phone!).
We also get a little too use to creature comforts. The Brits spend a fortune on the home, we are a nation constantly upgrading, and even though we may feel our lifestyle could be better often we are living in luxury compared to the rest of the world, my goodness we do take it for granted. We are so busy looking at how everything looks (including ourselves!) that we can forget to work on our spiritual side. 
So, every now and then we need to recharge. That’s what I did at the weekend. Whilst we already live in a stunning village, surrounded by an area of outstanding natural beauty, there was a cycle race taking place, all the roads were going to be closed and chaos was looming – so we decided to get away. My partner, my dog and myself all headed for a quintessential English village called Aldbourne near Marlborough. It had a lovely village green complete with church and pub.
We stayed in a tiny Shepherds hut placed at the bottom of someone’s huge garden. We also had an outdoor area complete with fire pit and even goat pen - which fascinated my spaniel Freddy-Starr! We spent time sitting outside with the dog, toasting things on the fire and listening to the birdsong, it was so relaxing.
As you opened the door to the hut, you only had a few inches in front of you and then a bed that filled the space completely. Basically, it was a bed in a shed, with a mini-sink to the left and a tiny loo to the right. However, it was perfect for an overnight and was super cute! The hut was so much fun (until Darren went to the loo in the middle of the night and me and the dog - who was sleeping under the bed, had to escape for a moonlit walk!).
The next day we went to see ancient Avebury. It is far, far bigger than Stonehenge, it is MASSIVE and like a village surrounded by stones, apparently from an aerial view it is a circle within a circle. Avebury is a designated World Heritage Site, dating back to 2800 BC.
The mile round circle is made up of massive sarsen stones dragged from the surrounding hills and planted around a ditch, within an external bank. It is a spiritual place with many hidden secrets. 
Many of the stones were broken up years ago and used to build some of the local houses in the village, but it’s now taken care of by the National Trust and Avebury's magic is still as strong as ever. It was beautiful to walk through the green grass, to see the trees, to be amongst nature. To be grounded. BLISS!

Make sure that to keep your soul in the light, and that every now and then you work on your spirituality, head out into the beauty that mother nature has to offer, and (try) to leave your mobile behind!

Charlie Daniels is a psychic clairvoyant, serving international clients by Skype and telephone. She is based in Buckinghamshire. According to Free Index Charlie is ranked in the top ten of most reviewed tarot card readers in the UK. Charlie is also an award-winning, Sunday Times, bestselling author and transformational speaker.


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