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Animals And The Spirit World: Spiritual Totems, Guides and Messengers.

 As developing spiritual beings, some of us are fascinated with the Native American Indian culture and their relationship with nature. It is true that they preserved ceremonies and traditions for far longer than most other civilisations and yet since the dawn of man, animals especially played a large role in the world of humans. Sometimes simply as prey for the hunters, others were believed to be somehow magical or spiritual. Chat 2 Charlie explains. 

If you go back to a time when we were all cavemen, you would find many signs that animals were revered as part of the spirit word.

One of the most fascinating books I have ever read was Supernatural by Graham Hancock. It talks about cave art and how he thought that some of it might have been produced by Shamans in a trance. Hancock talks about some of the drawings showing figures part animal – part human. Therianthropes, have the mythological ability of human beings to metamorphose into other animals by means of shapeshifting, if you are a fan of stories about werewolves then this might not be a totally alien concept to you! 

In many ancient traditions, priests, priestesses and shamanic peoples would wear the skins, heads or other parts of animals in ceremonies, many of which for example would mark the rhythms and cycles of nature. For years some in modern civilisation scoffed at such practices and saw them as naïve, but as with all thing there is a new age and revival dawning. 

Animals can be sent to us in our dreams, sometimes as “totems”. Yes, animals are also spirit guides! They can assist us to grow and use our innate senses. They can inspire and protect us. 

One night whilst sleeping a huge, dark bear appeared in my bedroom. He was stood on his hind legs roaring, teeth bared and with saliva dripping from his mouth! I began to scream, convinced my face was about to be ripped off my head. My body didn’t know if to go into flight or freeze mode (I was sore for days after) the adrenaline in my body spiked and my heart rate (according to my fitbit heart monitor) hit a new high. I was truly terrified. My poor partner was traumatically woken by my murderous, blood curdling screams and later I learned so had half of my neighbours! 

Psychologist believe that to dream of being attacked by an animal indicates that you should guard against someone in your life that intends to harm you, and that the clues to this person are shown in the traits or features of the animal. Anyway, shrink stuff aside, I knew instantly that the bear had been sent to me from the spirit world, as a new animal totem. 

So I had to do some research. Apparently among a few things, he was sent to show me I was entering another awakening or energy shift. The bear showed I had to let go of my primeval anger, something as a person with the learning disability Aspergers I am often frustrated by, meditation has been my saviour. The bear also reveals a person who works with alchemy (simply put, changing one thing into another) – and this was indeed very timely as it was around the time that I recognised that my soul purpose was to assist others using transformational energy. A "sweet" small surprise is the association between the bear and honey, bringing sweetness into our lives.

Here’s something hilarious though, the next day my partner Darren took me to the cinema to see the latest in the run of Planet Of The Apes films. One minute I’m munching on pop-corn and the next I am spitting pop-corn and screaming the place down because that damned bear was now jumping out of the screen at me – yes the very same bear! So not only do I recognise it as a new totem but also as even more evidence that I travel forwards in time during my sleep and seizures… Am I crazy? You bet I am!

Recommended reading:
Supernatural, Graham Hancock
Animal Speak, Ted Andrews.

Charlie Daniels is an award winning, best-selling author based in the stunning village of Great Missenden - once home to the writer Roald Dahl, who loved to create literary magic with animals. She is also a celebrated psychic medium, delivering international tarot card readings via Skype and phone. Charlie is passionate about helping others transform their own life and . She lives with her partner Darren and a nutty rescue Spaniel called Freddy-Star. 

Chat 2 Charlie's premises are opposite the local train station - with quick direct links to London, Marylebone as well as Aylesbury. She is also only a short distance from High Wycombe and the M40, just 30 minutes away from most parts of Berkshire. Don't forget - you can also enjoy a reading from the comfort of your own armchair, 10am-10pm most days via Skype or phone. 


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