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​When your relationship has left you with a broken heart can a clairvoyant reading help?

Many of my clients use a psychic reading to navigate a broken heart. Most days I read for people who are suffering in this way - in-person, on Skype and on the phone. There’s nothing worse than heartbreak. You are not alone here. Rejection is a big part of everyone’s soul journey at some point. No one is immune not even the rich, famous or beautiful. 

Sometimes a break up can be an important part of our personal growth and spiritual development...

The melancholy and disappointment that comes from a failed romance, can be one of the worst pains a person experiences in their lifetime. Especially if you had once thought this was a special connection or maybe even a soul mate.

Feelings can include regret, rejection, abandonment, and loneliness. We start with self-recriminations, self-blame and start to turn everything inwards, even when the break up is through no fault of our own, we start to do a mental autopsy of our role. The power of this is so overwhelming it can even manifest itself as physical pain.

When a tender heart has been shattered, we can feel trapped and even have a profound and overwhelming sense of despair, emptiness and grief. Sometimes the person involved can become our only focus, we are unable to think of anything else, we can’t see a bigger picture, let alone a future. We can sink into both depression and self-hate. Confidence and self-esteem can take a huge hit and suddenly our life seems very dark and lonely.
Sometimes it feels as if no one understands, that you will never feel better and that either no one will want you or you may not want to ever risk falling in love again. Sometimes my clients just need that reassurance that they will eventually heal, and a combination of my natural abilities such as clairvoyance as well as tarot cards can help you with this.

If you try to think of moving on. it’s perfectly natural that there may be a complex mix of emotions, head saying one thing and the heart saying another. Part of you may want the person back even if they have hurt you.
You might want to ask questions about a reunion and if they will return to you any time in the future. Should you read any of my reviews, for example on Facebook, you will read repeatedly that I offer a level of compassion, support and understanding. If your reading tells you that you need to move on, then I will try to state this in a way that is firm but kind. It may be your destiny to be single, maybe the universe has a higher plan for you.

Your clairvoyant tarot reading, CAN be healing. It not only offers perspective and guidance to assist with your heartache recovery, but important insights into the lessons you've gathered from your experience. Regardless of it having been unrequited love or the ending of a long-term relationship, restoring happiness can seem like an impossible mountain to climb. If you find you need a guide, I can be there. I deliver my tarot card readings in a special way – sharing both insights and coping strategies, giving you the tools to positively change your own life.

Charlie is an award-winning, Sunday Times best selling author. She lives in Buckinghamshire with her partner Darren and an adorable Spaniel called Freddy. In her role at Chat 2 Charlie, she helps people who need to turn their life around – something she is an expert in – using a combination of her psychic medium abilities, clairvoyant tarot card readings and transformational healing through coaching. Charlie is just 30 minutes from most areas of Bedfordshire and Berkshire and just a short train ride from central London (Marylebone).


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