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On a previous blog, you might have read my article about if psychics should charge or not. Following on from this, I just wanted to give you an update on how your patronage helps those who need it.

Being spiritual, doesn’t necessarily need to entail giving away free readings, however one of the things about the dirty issue of money, is that when used WISELY it can be a platform for spiritually based change. 

 Rather than working out who needs help and who is coming for entertainment OR only being able to donate a little of my time because it would no longer be an income, I work things a little differently. I ensure that some of your fee goes to charity each month.

So far this year Chat 2 Charlie, has donated to, The Children’s Hospice and Hospital Easter Egg Train (in Sheffield, my birth city), Marie Curie Cancer, London Air Ambulance, NACOA (assists children affected by the parents drinking) and a couple of smaller donations via my personal FB profile. 

Each year there are a few charities in particular that I’m keen to not only raise funds for, but also awareness. These include, Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, Epilepsy UK (I’m epileptic myself), Hungarian Hearts Dog Rescue, as well as the Easter and Christmas children’s chocolate runs organised by my old school pal. 

Now when you book your psychic medium or clairvoyant tarot card readings, you can be sure that my heart is in the right place, it’s not why I give (in fact I never use to mention the donations until recently) - but it gives me such joy to be able to share abundance and to show you that there has been a positive vibration from your own contribution. 

Fees mean that I am blessed to be able to serve full time, so you don’t have to wait around on a waiting list – I’m available most days via phone, Skype or in person.

Many Blessings to you on your journey,


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