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The Key To A Head Less Muddled!

What has losing a key got to do with spirituality?

Well I will tell you. So one day I was looking out of our kitchen window when saw torches flashing in next doors garden.

At first, I wondered if perhaps there was someone up to no good (my cynical mind) but then realised it was probably someone looking for something, at which point, partly out of curiosity, I went to offer some assistance. Next door are flats that are rented by the day. In the garden at the back were two ladies looking for a lost key. Now on two counts that was a bit of a surprise, I haven’t seen many women stay there, it’s usually digs for workmen and secondly, they also had dogs, which again is unusual to see next door - and all of this a nice change I have to say. After some ineffective searching using my mobile, I went back to grab a torch when one of the women shouted to say she had found the key next to the bins after they had thrown the days rubbish out.By now perhaps you are wondering what on earth I am rambling on about?

For a few days running now, the lesson part of the random meditation I have been given has been strikingly relevant. Last night I fell asleep without hearing the story. This evening I sat and did today's meditation (I use an app called CALM) and then returned to the missed section of last night. It was about the Buddhist term – Ukiyo-e, which is Japanese in origin and literally translates to “Floating Worlds”. Funny thing is I knew a little about this as I once sold a vintage silk scarf with an image on it that was related. Again, I can imagine you saying, Charlie – get to the point! The “moral” was about letting the small stuff slide. The presenter uses the example of – wait for it – someone dropping their keys. How we react to small incidents shows how we deal with stress. Some people go straight to panic mode whilst others go about the task of finding them and take it in their stride. I have always been the panicking type, but rarely any more. 

I have transformed into someone who for the main part, lives in the present. I have learned to evolve through mindfulness and meditation, to learn the patience and accept that sometimes things don’t go to plan, and sometimes for a reason. And here is the amazing part of this synchronicity of a well-timed lesson. Meditation has made such a powerful, healing difference to me that I went on to qualify as a teacher so that I can share this tool so that others might bring growth, peace, tranquillity, reflection and clarity, into their own lives. 

The situation was an analogy – I shine a torch to help find things in dark places, that’s the psychic part of what I do. And now I am helping others find their own key amongst the rubbish they need to discard.
The lesson I listened to today ends using a quote from author Richard Carlson:
“Rule number one, don’t sweat the small stuff and rule number 2, it’s ALL small stuff”
If you want to find the peace I have learned to embrace, come with me on this journey and let’s see what we can discover…

Heal. Develop. Discover. Grow. 

MENTAL MAGIC! CHARLIE'S OWN CREATION: A combination of guided meditation, hypnotherapy, breathing techniques and philosophy...  Find your inner peace. Train yourself out of over thinking. Coaching success for a corporate edge. Personal development for sufferers of stress, depression and anxiety. A one-on-one, personal development service. Charlie Daniels is a qualified hypnotherapist, meditation teacher, transformational coach and Sunday Times best selling author. Charlie is also trained in dealing with the vulnerable. Available 10am-10pm most days, including some weekends and bank holidays. In-person only.


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