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Have you just had a shock or wake up call?

When I have heavy things to try and process, I know when this happens I cannot find answers by thinking, I just go around in circles. It turns out that the spirit world sent me the answer via my Calm meditation app, funny how things can work...

SAMVEGA is the Buddhist term which indicates a sense of shock or anxiety. Perhaps sometimes even the futility of existence. This soul searching can lead to a profound shift in the way you view your world. When we start to realise that everything is impermanent and that we take so much for granted, suddenly there is a stark realisation or wake-up cal

I often say all experiences are valid especially the painful ones. Some even lead to alchemy, something that transcends the fog or dark clouds we all fly through at times.
Do you remember the wonder of when you first ever flew as a passenger? All the tiny houses, how small the world looked? Then life moves on. We focus more on getting from A to B without necessarily having that sense of awe we once viewed things with. Or maybe you were focused on talking to another person. The everyday takes over and one day pretty much blends into another, the days roll into years… 
However, after a series of such sharp shocks, suddenly your viewpoint of life comes right back into focus.
• Take in the wonder of small things, stop and cherish the detail.
• Give blessings for the love and support that surrounds you.
• Don’t try to find logical or even mysterious reasons for recent events or the frequency of them. (Asking why is a waste of energy anyway, we rarely reach the truth). 
• Live totally in the present. Looking back can depress, worrying about what’s ahead can give anxiety – enjoy what is right under your nose and take in the wonders of the world.
Blessings to you


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