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How do you know if your chosen psychic is authentic?  

You will see many adverts for psychic, clairvoyant mediums on the internet and yet somehow you are supposed to select a person you can trust, someone honest and accurate. When booking your online reading, unless the psychic has been recommended to you, then you don’t have the advantage of “word of mouth” which is how I get the vast majority of my clients.

Do you want to talk confidentially about personal life matters with someone who can give you a little insight?

It’s a harsh world out there and among the genuine there are also plenty of con artists and charlatans. Unscrupulous money hungry types ready to trick you into subconsciously giving you the information, then extracting every penny they can – so you need to be careful right? Yet somehow you have been drawn to this very page, in this very moment and your own intuition is working overtime… Well here is the good news you are on the right path but better still, you don’t have to take a gamble any more!

So to start with you check out the advert or website and you have to take what you read at face value. But you’re not stupid and you know naturally this can all be manipulated, a reader could say anything about themselves and you wouldn’t know if it was true. They could also write lots of testimonials but how do you know if they are genuine? I have many clients who arrive as sceptics and then later leave reviews sharing their extraordinary experiences. 

A Proven Track Record With Reviews You Can Verify…This is where I am a little different. Instead of expecting you to trust me, I’ve actually gone to the trouble of asking some of my clients to offer an honest review via Facebook, so that should you wish, you can actually verify the testimonial with them directly. So instead of me writing here about Charlie in the third person, pretending to have an unbiased view and then blowing my own trumpet, you can read what the clients say for themselves!

Here are just a few snippets –“…Without giving her any information she told me things no-one else would know. She is accurate and I left her with a feeling of well-being and relief…”“…I can honestly say I left totally Jaw dropped, the reading was very intense and very accurate…”“…with my mental commitment not to ‘feed any info to her’, she went on to describe the location and significant items and other content that no-one should ‘really’ have known. I was amazed”

You will note from what my clients say, one of the things I do to protect my integrity is insist you don’t “feed the medium” – that you give as little away as possible, so that when you walk away from your psychic reading you are in no doubt as to where the in-depth details came from. I’m also straight-forward honest psychic and not afraid to tell you if I think you are asking the wrong questions or looking at things upside down, after all we are all human and sometimes our thinking can be skewed. The best psychic readings, are always the ones where you feel you have a great connection with you reader, and although I enjoy giving an entertaining tarot card reading, I also aim to be more of a guide than a fortune teller, so whilst we look to the future I'm here to help you move in the right / light direction. 

Webcam Same Day Readings many of my online clairvoyant psychic readings take place the same day, via webcam and within less than 2 hours of the initial contact. I’m online from 10am to 10pm most days including weekends and some holidays.

By Shining A Light In Dark Corners I Often Find The Answers You’re Looking For 

For several years I enjoyed the role of chairperson within the Greater World Spiritualist organisation, (Leeds, Clarendon Road branch) where I passionately served the congregation and delivered services to the church. During this time I also sat in a circle developed gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and mediumship. With my background being based in spiritualism, I have been trained in ethics and responsibility, my path is to guide you into the light not “fortune telling”.

I believe I can help you to find the spiritual guidance that you’re seeking. 

Tarot card readings can be provided at my home in between Buckinghamshire and Berkshire or can instead take place online over over the telephone. As a developed and trusted psychic medium, I pride myself on honesty, integrity and the quality of my psychic links. Despite my spiritual beliefs, you will find me a down to earth lady with huge life experience and an open mind. Although I’m a dedicated spiritualist medium, that doesn’t mean I wear weird clothes, have funky rituals or hide behind a “spirit name” (no offence to anyone who does, this just isn’t my style!). Having said; that I’ve spent lots of time over the years engaging with the media and so enjoy the entertaining part of my psychic readings, I prefer to make you laugh than cry, but if you do need a shoulder – then mine are both very broad! Take a closer look at the testimonials clients have generously provided or learn more about what the press have said about my extraordinary life. 

Many blessings, Charlie

Readings are available by Skype and telephone – often at short notice, 10am-10pm most days including weekends and some holidays. You can also visit Chat 2 Charlie in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. Or visit Charlie in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. Close to Beds, Berks, Herts and Oxfordshire. LONDON is just one 40-minute train from Marylebone and Chat 2 Charlie is conveniently located opposite the station. There are also direct trains from Aylesbury and Amersham - both just minutes away. Trains are operated by Chiltern Railways. 

Charlie Daniels, aka Chat 2 Charlie, is an award-winning, Sunday Times best-selling author and psychic life guide. Charlie works with transformational energy – giving you the tools to positively change your own life. Tarot card readings and psychic services, are not a substitute for trained psychotherapists, if you have been told you need professional help for sexual or psychological abuse, or are suffering from trauma you should seek professional help. You should never have a reading when you are in poor finances, feel vulnerable or have a mental illness.


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