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​ ​'Once in a blue moon'.

So what is all the fuss about? How come many romantic myths and legends revolve around this phenomenon?

Well firstly to say a 'blue moon' has nothing to do with its colour (although sometimes that can happen with dust & volcanic particles etc), nope, there are in fact two definitions for a blue moon. A blue moon is a full moon that occurs for the second time in the same month, or is the third full moon for that season. Your chosen psychic medium online, Chat 2 Charlie explains:

According to Wiki "The suggestion has been made that the term "blue moon" for "intercalary month" arose by folk etymology, the "blue" replacing the no-longer-understood belewe, 'to betray'. The original meaning would then have been "betrayer moon", referring to a full moon that would "normally" (in years without an intercalary month) be the full moon of spring, while in an intercalary year, it was "traitorous" in the sense that people would have had to continue fasting for another month in accordance with the season of Lent"

Why & when? Normally there are only 12 full moons in a year but on the occasion where one is seen at the start of the month it can sometimes also appear at the end of the month too, meaning that year yields 13 in total and marking out a special occasion for many who follow traditions.

"The Pagan view is that the Blue Moon represents a time of heightened or clearer communication between our physical being and the Divine. Often the energy of the Divine is seen in the form of the Grandmother Goddess or the Crone Goddess. It can also be viewed as a link between the physical (masculine energy) and the spiritual (feminine energy), making communication with spirit easier and more apt to yield insightful and enlightened communications". (source pagan path).

Within the spiritual community, particularly pagans and Wiccans, a blue moon is incredibly powerful. This means prime time for rituals such as, attracting a new partner or job, love and healing ceremonies. It is also believed to be a a time for enhanced dreams and prophesy. 

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first reference to a blue moon comes from a proverb recorded in 1528:
"If they say the moon is blue, We must believe that it is true"

Oh and by the way, when researching today, my favourite quote came from celticanamcara (blogspot) "On those occasions when one waxes nostalgic, even after never-experienced events, perhaps one should partake of a "Blue Moon Martini", in which the two-most featured components are Bombay Sapphire Blue Gin and Blue Curacao" 

WOW - I just LOVE her philosophy!

Many Blessings Charlie 

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