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Psychic readings by telephone

Interested in a psychic reading yet unsure about doing so over the phone? BOOK WITH A TRUSTED INDEPENDENT 

With Chat 2 Charlie, you are only dealing with ONE person, and not paying for any company shareholders - some of your fee will even go to chosen charities, follow her Facebook page for more. 

Charlie is one of the highest ranking, 5* reviewed clairvoyant readers in the UK and rapidly becoming popular all over the world due to her Skype readings. 

A psychic telephone reading with Chat 2 Charlie, will be delivered in a spiritual way using spiritual guidance. In her Psychic Readings, Charlie covers the past, the present and the future including romance, career, health, family relationships or your specific questions only. You may even want to talk about spiritual and personal development or exploring your soul purpose. Phone tarot readings provide you with instant guidance for any issue that you may be facing today. If you approach the tarot with specific questions in mind, you can be pointed in a clear and concise direction for your future. While you may feel nervous about calling for a phone tarot reading, many of Charlie’s clients have left 5-star reviews mentioning how she has put them at ease, given clarity and reassurance as well as they have left the call feeling as if they have a friend with both insights and empathy. The best part about a telephone reading, is that you can fit it in at a time that suits you and receive your insights from the comfort of your own armchair. 

With Chat 2 Charlie you can check her diary instantly without commitment and often book the same day (often within the hour) as she has a state-of-the-art digital online booking system. 

Charlie is available 10am-10pm most days including weekends and bank holidays. She also offers readings via Skype. Sit quietly and think about what you really want from your psychic reading over the phone. Good psychic readers offer insight into what’s going on in your life so that you can make your own decisions. Charlie is also trained as a coach and so has an extra string to her bow, she uses her cards in a special way, so you can use her coping strategies as a tool to navigate any hurdles ahead.

Natalie Scalzo - review from Google: 

I had an absolutely astonishing reading from Charlie, it was all that I hoped for and more.
Her card reading was 100% spot on for the past and present and gave me wonderful insights for the future.
I was beyond blessed to have my father come through during the mediumship, having just lost him in April.
When she mentioned him coming through, I asked him in my mind, to mention our favourite band, to validate it was really him.
Charlie looked up at me and said "He keeps mentioning Pink Floyd, does that mean anything to you?" And all I could do was smile.

She truly is the real thing and is so down to earth and sociable that I felt very comfortable and engaged the entire session,
I recommend Charlie to anyone and will 1000% be back again!

Dear Natalie, What blew me away (yes I still can be spooked!) was the moment you unzipped your jacket to show the album cover - the dark side of the moon, which I had told you was part of what I could see clairvoyantly.
A moment I shall treasure always, evidence of the life hereafter. Many blessings to you! Charlie aka Chat 2 Charlie


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