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PSYCHIC MEDIUM READINGS: To charge or not to charge? That is the spiritual question!

"SHOULD PSYCHICS CHARGE? It's a gift so that's not spiritual right?"

What a wonderful utopia, and just what everyone wants to hear, everyone wants things for free especially if they believe it didn't come at any cost to you! This conversation is one I have been drawn into many times and some pretty unkind things have been levelled at me, from "cashing in on a gift that you get for free to GIVE to others" to those who are the sceptic, scathing haters "it's all a con anyway, what a rip-off!" or "it's exploiting the vulnerable". 

Well now I have plenty to say on this subject...

The funniest thing is I got trolled recently on this very subject. I had a sponsored post on Facebook. It made a few predictions for 2019. People made fun of me, jeered me, called me a scammer and one even started becoming abusive and sending me shocking text messages. Yet all of these people honestly believe they were doing all of this for the greater good of humanity, exposing a charlatan, outing me as non-spiritual - because I'm not just a light worker but a charging service provider. I became blue, I felt feelings of shame and guilt and I honestly said to my partner, maybe I should do something different. I asked my guides for a sign.

The day after this out pouring of  hate, I got a bunch of flowers from one client, a thank you text with an update and 2 new 5 star reviews. The first client of the day wept as she hugged me on the way out, relieved more than anything she had someone to talk to. In many cases such clients appreciate that what I offer is my time, which is charged for as a service and has value to them. They also know I go far above and beyond providing a service, by giving genuine support and continuing to do so when they each reached out after the reading. 

Sometimes we need someone urgently, sometimes there isn't a church with a free service on that day and even if there is and even then if you are lucky to get a message, it is rarely in private. In fact when you are given help in this way it rarely on your own terms, on the subjects you want to cover and so frequently quite brief. Many church mediums also offer private readings for this reason and few of them can afford to give away much time for free because ithe real world we have to be realistic - the angels don't pay the bills or cover the cost of time. I was called to higher service years ago and needed to go full time to keep up with regular and referred client demand, for this to happen there has to be an income in place somewhere. FOR YEARS I didn't serve full time because I didn't want to charge but couldn't afford to serve freely and keep head above water. Now I am finally able to open my diary is open 7 days a week 12 hours a day and I'm often processing bookings outside of these hours too, much to the chagrin of my partner. We can be in a cafe and I am texting or taking bookings! My clients are my WORLD my reason for feeling of value.

It's fine giving your time for free if -

a) You can afford to live by other means for example you live like a monk or won the lottery
b) You have a full time job that sustains you, BUT I've done this and it means you can only serve very part time and combining this with another job can put a lot of pressure on you and detract from the quality of your life, we need to be happy and healthy to serve.
c) You have a spouse who doesn't mind working hard to pay the rent / mortgage / bills while keeping you financially so you give yourself freely and whilst being lovingly philanthropic to others (where do you draw the line then, give just those you know or give yourself to strangers?) and if you had an endless queue, how do you filter the genuinely needy from the attention seekers or users? YES they do exist!
Here's the reality of my full time service (some - not many thankfully) of my clients don't appreciate it when I give them EXTRA time, so why would it be more spiritual for the whole session to be free? I often sit with complete strangers some who would pump me dry if I let them. Some are even energy vampires who see shinning beacons as something to smash up against, desperate to take their light from an outside source, like moths do a flame! What we give away often can be seen as something easily gained or taken for granted. Some people don't really come to me for "spiritual guidance" or readings with a higher intention, some want their "fortune" told or just need a confidante for their toxic love life and some for quite trivial or shallow issues, and I don't judge them, I'm fine with all of that, but do all of them then deserve a free service?

My clients are protected from exploitation. I have set fees with no hidden charges, clients are clear on what they are paying beforehand. The fees are for TIME not results. Every booking has to tick my terms up front to declare they don't feel vulnerable or desperate, I need to know someone isn't starting from that position. Secondly I promise my clients DON'T want charity. Many actually see my role as TLC time, and yes maybe even a luxury (I'm about the same fee as a standard hair cut) and as paying clients they don't don't feel awkward telling me their needs as if making an order which you may not do if something is "a gift".

Now all of this doesn't mean I'm against organisations or churches who can set up as charities, social enterprises, etc - far from it, good for them! A lot of them are run by people who are in a position (eg retired) to serve freely. Doctors and musicians have gifts and aren't criticised for earning. Some will argue they trained, but I also spent FIFTEEN years in a circle and serving my church, 5 of which as chair-person and development is a daily practice.

If you follow me on Facebook you will see regular donations to charities made possible every month because of my work. OK so many of my clients are sincere and need guidance but when I get a client with more money than sense that rocks up to my house in a sports car and pays for an hour out of sheer curiosity or to kill time, I then donate to "Rosies Rainbow fund" or "Bluebell children's hospice easter egg run" or save a dog from a killing station in Hungary (Hungarian Hearts) that's the positive of money! It's NOT shameful it's a platform that can do good. 

Do I crave a six figure income? No. Because it's one thing to want to earn and another to gain excess and then I thought again - so ok, if you are charging ridiculous sums to each client then that might be extortion, But what if you build a brand, write a book, have a following and hear daily from those who say you made a difference? Well I'm living my dream. I haven't got a six figure sum yet (and if I do it won't be from service fees!) but if I ever did achieve that kind of status I'd be looking to see what difference that abundance could make where it's really needed not worrying about charging someone, in my client's case, who chose to pay and can afford it, a few quid for a personalised hour of my time.

One last thing. In 2016 I asked the spirit world to give me a sign I was on the right track. I didn't want six figure magic at that point just to repay my dear friend a long standing debt. I received a cheque (I say from the universe, a sceptic would say postcode lottery) again not millions (I've never ordered that) but exactly to the penny double what I owed, so personal debt cleared plus - all my other ones. It was as if the spirit world had got my back. And the day we picked the cheque up? All souls eve / Samhain / Halloween...

So no, I no longer believe it's shameful for money to change hands for a spiritual service, as long as the giver is in sound mind, happy to pay for the service, informed of all costs and free of duress. 

I no longer believe a spiritual person should not have any wealth (not all of us want to live like Gandhi!) as long as the person with abundance has a generous, compassionate spirit and an intention to use for a positive outcome. 

Love and light to you all!

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Charlie is based in Buckinghamshire just 30 minutes from most parts of Berkshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire. Charlie conveniently lives opposite the Great Missenden railway station with direct links from London Marylebone. Check out her many verified reviews.

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