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When death deprives us of answers, is a psychic medium reading going to help?

This blog came about because I read about someone who’s friend was in a hospice, and how dignified her friend was in the face of death. I found that admirable but it also got me thinking about how we feel about death in general and how we deal with its variables. It's also about how I feel about and deliver, serving as a psychic medium. 

Personally, I find death an interesting topic. One the British are usually somewhat reluctant to talk about. We are still quite Victorian with our dark funerals as opposed to some countries celebrate the life or the journey of passing. For each person it's a very personal thing, of course sometimes affected by beliefs. My own belief is we are all just energy and that energy simply changes when our physical body is left behind, but then that's not surprising when you know that my transformational coaching is based on being clairvoyant and sometimes a psychic medium. I developed at the Greater World in Leeds, where I spent more than 15 years serving, developing in a circle and eventually becoming a chair-person. I went into that church thinking ability was the only credential required, I was confident in that way however I had to be stripped back of that attitude and learn other more important boundaries such as safe, ethical and responsible delivery, things many self-taught mediums seem to be confused about. 

I am not afraid of death. I live with risk of SUDEP daily (sudden death from epilepsy) and survived a brain tumour a few years back, so I feel as if I've been lucky to get this far. Truth be known, what secretly does scare me is not death itself but suffering - for example of a painful cancer or being locked into a body that I have no control over. Whilst there are many who battle and brave it to the end, there are many who don't want to. I'm an advocate for assisted euthanasia for this reason. We allow animals to end suffering but yet we don't allow humans the same dignity.
Yet in this quest to avoid suffering, I'm reminded Buddha teaches us "life is suffering" (miserable thought!). I guess the best most of us can hope for is to pass painlessly in our sleep or surrounded by loved ones, but of course life doesn’t always end this way.
One of the biggest issues facing someone who is grieving, is often when we did not get to say goodbye to the person we lost, or maybe there are even unresolved questions or issues. Moving on in this situation can be long and painful unless we learn to actually let go. These are often situations people come to me for, to see if there is any light. It’s a massive responsibility and given that the fraudulent mediums act requires me to tell the client, what I’m doing is to be seen as “entertainment” it can be a difficult position to be in. I try to show as much integrity and honesty as possible whilst making it clear that some mediums work for free in churches and what I’m offering is a service mainly based on tarot cards (mediumship is actually only a small part of what I offer not the main event). I also ask all my clients to tick terms and conditions to show they accept they are not vulnerable, desperate and understand my standpoint as I’ve just explained. I don’t think I can be any more transparent than that. If you want to know more, read my blog about if psychics should charge.
Sometimes the person people wish to hear from does come through, sometimes they don’t. I personally prefer it when I don’t know who they would like to hear from, it can put huge pressure on which can hamper. I make it clear from the start I do not guarantee bringing ANYONE through, a clairvoyant card reading is what my main delivery is about.
One of the reasons I think being a medium hasn’t been at the forefront of what I offer, has nothing to do with ability. I’ve had some extraordinary, beautiful and moving experiences through the years take for example this review
“I had an absolutely astonishing reading from Charlie, it was all that I hoped for and more. Her card reading was 100% spot on for the past and present and gave me wonderful insights for the future. I was beyond blessed to have my father come through during the mediumship, having just lost him in April. When she mentioned him coming through, I asked him in my mind, to mention our favourite band, to validate it was really him. Charlie looked up at me and said "He keeps mentioning Pink Floyd, does that mean anything to you?" And all I could do was smile. She truly is the real thing and is so down to earth and sociable that I felt very comfortable and engaged the entire session, I recommend Charlie to anyone and will 1000% be back again!” Natalie Scalzo (Google review)

But in fact, I never chose to be a medium, it chose me, I had been speaking to the spirit world (I had invisible friends like most children but at 13 was told at Attercliffe spiritualist church in Sheffield that I would one day be a medium) but that’s a whole other story.
I am here to serve, the spirit world (in various different ways) that is what my world revolves around, and I mean my world, even when doing the mundane stuff like shopping I find myself consulting my guides! The real reason mediumship is not my prime service, is my remit. I am someone who knows more than most that links to the past are spectres that can hold us back. Yes, the past can shape who we are but in the main it is moving forwards and transforming into the best version of self that affects our vibrations and ultimately the vibration of others. But along the way, if I can offer reassurances to those who do want that connection, then I will do so if the conditions are right and spirit are willing.
Think of it as paying for a clairvoyant card reading but I’m throwing the mediumship side of things in as a bonus, because I do myself struggle with the idea of money changing hands for mediumship. And do remember, if you want to contact a lost loved one, there are those out there who work for free in churches or by donations for time, on a part time basis whilst earning another income. But in my case, I’m a full-time transformational coach, working mainly as a tarot reader which is something very different…


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